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I'd like to open a discussion for those of us seeking information about our colonial (1600s-1700s) ancestors in Long Island. Many were dissidents who left Massachusetts Bay seeking religious freedom; some of these were Quaker, and others followers of Anne Hutchinson. Some of the names among my ancestors there are Underhill, Weeks, Merritt, Titus, Willlis, Willets, Haviland, Seaman, Kirby, Jackson, Franklin, Coles, Cock, Bowne, with much intermarriage among them. Let's share what information we have about them and their lives.

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My colonial Long Island ancestors were also Quakers. I am also related to the Long Island Coles, Jacksons, Weeks, and Seamans as well as surnames Mott, Carpenter, Smith, Williams, and a couple others. My bunch were mostly in Glen Cove/Musketa Cove, Hempstead/Hempstead Harbor, and Oyster Bay.
Oh Leah, we are probably "cousins" and need to share more specifically. Not sure how or where to start though. I'll pick a name from your list and maybe it will tie in with you.

I descend from two WILLIAMS lines about which I know little and would like to learn more.

1. Robert Williams m. Sarah Washburn, daughter of William Washburn and Jane Nichols; their son John Williams m. Leah Townsend, daughter of Richard Townsend and Deliverance Coles. John and Leah's daughter Hannah Williams m. John Seaman, son of Jonathan who was a son of Capt. John Seaman and _unk_ Strickland.

2. Thomas Williams (parents unknown) married Mary Willets (b. 1691/2), daughter of Richard (1660/61) and Abigail Powell (1668-1757). Thomas and Mary's daughter Esther Williams m. Robert Seaman, son of John Seaman and Hannah Williams (above).

Leah said:
My colonial Long Island ancestors were also Quakers. I am also related to the Long Island Coles, Jacksons, Weeks, and Seamans as well as surnames Mott, Carpenter, Smith, Williams, and a couple others. My bunch were mostly in Glen Cove/Musketa Cove, Hempstead/Hempstead Harbor, and Oyster Bay.
Hi Joan,
I don't think we share the same Williams... Here is what I've got:

1. Daniel Coles and Maher Gorton
2. Joseph Coles and Elizabeth Wright
3. Joseph Coles and Freelove Weeks
4. Anne Coles and Isaac Mott

1. Samuel Weeks and Elizabeth Reddocke
2. Samuel Weeks and Ann Carpenter
3. Freelove Weeks and Joseph Coles

1. Robert Jackson and Agnes Washburn
2. John Jackson and Elizabeth Seaman
3. Samuel Jackson and Ruth Smith
4. Abigail Jackson and Jacob Mott

1. Capt. John Seaman and Elizabeth Strickland (I think we share these two)
2. Elizabeth Seaman and John Jackson

1. Moyles Williams and Ann Pankhurst
2. John Williams and Miriam Smith(?)
3. Miriam Williams and Joseph Mott
Hi Joan, I live in Oyster Bay where many of the Underhill, Weeks, Coles lived. I'm looking for an Underhill/Lockwood connection in the late 1700's where possibly Mary Underhill married a William or Joseph Lockwood. She may have been the "Mary Underhill" who was the daughter of Baruck/Barrick Underhill but not sure. Anyone know of Lockwood/Underhill "link?"
Also descend from Robert Williams through daughter Sarah who married John Champion. Their daughter, Frances born 1661, married Thomas Southard Jr.; and many ancestors from Dutch lines, including Van Wicklen, Snedeker, Nostrand, Rapelye etc.
Hi Linda, I tried to reply to this a few hours ago, but it seems not to have made it online, so I'll repeat it.
The only thing I know about a Mary Underhill and a Lockwood is from my copy of Deats' Underhill Genealogy, v. V, p. 147, 1-9-39-140-480, a daughter of Baruck Underhill and Elizabeth Burr, #1361, Mary (Polly) m William Lockwood. No dates are given and no information about William, nor is there further information about this couple. I did not follow Baruck back in my book. My own Underhill line goes through Capt. John's wife Elizabeth Feake and Nathaniel's line to Phebe Underhill, who m. Joseph Weeks 1751/52. They had 11 children, all of whom I have listed as born in Chappaqua. I know nothing of Joseph Weeks except a possible birth date 1725, No location, nor parents. Was Joseph born in Oyster Bay area?

Do you mean that you believe your Robert Williams is my Robert Williams, husband of Sarah Washburn? That is, their daughter Sarah is the sister of my John Williams, husband of Leah Townsend? That would be very interesting as John is the only child that I knew of for Robert and Sarah [Washburn] Williams. I know almost nothing about Robert; I have worked my way back some in the Townsend side. I actually have to admit that I have not looked at any of this LINY material for quite some time.
My colonial Long Island ancestors were Ludlam, Baker, Dayton, Osborne, Hedges, Schellinger, Carpenter and Smith. They were in Jamaica, South Hampton, East Hampton, Huntington and Amagansett areas in the mid 1600's to 1700. Then my line went down to Elizabethtown and Morris County, NJ.
Did any of your Carpenters tangle with Titus, Underhill, Haviland or Weeks? I have spouses named Carpenter for all those surnames. My Titus Carpenter is an Abigail Carpenter, daughter of William, who married John Titus in Rehoboth, MA, 1659. I know little about these marriages, and almost nothing about these women; I am looking to learn more.
My Carpenter was 1st William Carpenter who came over here in 1638 on the Beavis ship, his son John Carpenter born around 1626 in England, left Rehoboth, MA @ a young age to Long Island married Hannah Smith. They had a daughter Ruth Carpenter born about 1644 in Long Island and married John Ludlam of Long Island. I have not extensivly researched the Carpenter line yet. The names you listed don't sound familiar to me yet. I got some of my information on Also "The American Genealogist" founded 1922 by Donald Lines Jacobus Vol. 70, No. 4, October 1995. The Family of William (2) Carpenter of Rehoboth, Massachusetts by Eugene Cole Zubrinsky page 193.
Well, here may be a relation between my Abigail Carpenter, daughter of a William, who m. in Rehoboth in 1659 and your William. Don't have any Smiths or Ludlams in LI, but that doesn't mean much. I'll try to see what I turn up. Thanks.
Hi Leah,
We do have some other entanglements; I give my so-far best understanding of them here:

Robert Coles & Mary Hawkhurst were my 9G Grandparents through their daughter Deliverance who m. Richard Townsend (through both their daughters Dinah & Leah).
1. Daniel Coles [a son of Robert & Mary Hawkhurst] who m. Mahershallalhashbaz Gorton [daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth] was my 9G uncle.
2. Two other sons of Robert Coles married Wrights:
Nathaniel m. 1st. Martha Jackson [dau of Robert & his 1st wife] 1 child, she d. in childbirth; m. 2nd a Deborah Wright [parents unknown] possibly 3 children; m. 3rd a Sarah unknown, children ?.
Robert, jr. m. Mercy Wright [parents unknown], 9 children.
I suspect that Deborah and Mercy were related [sisters?] and possibly daughter(s) of Nicholas & Ann Wright. Maybe your Elizabeth was in there somewhere?
3. I do not have a Joseph Coles. Do you know anything of his parents? I also do not know of Elizabeth Wright or Freelove Weeks. Is your listing in the order of descent? If so, I find I do not have a Joseph in my information about Daniel’s 8 children (but I really am unsure about them as I’ve not really looked at his line).

I have lots of Weeks:
1. Joseph Weeks & Phebe Underhill were my GGGG Grandparents, through their daughter Phebe J., who m. John Merritt. My only Samuel Weeks [son of Joseph & Phebe Underhill] m. Martha unknown. Might one of your Samuels be this son of Joseph & Phebe? (I don’t have much confidence in Martha unknown... or he may have m. more than once.)

1. Robert Jackson was my 8G Grandfather. For a long time, I believed that his wife was the oft-repeated Agnes Washburn [dau. of William & Jane Nichols]. But then I was directed by someone I met at a NEHGB society event to a paper by Harry Macy, Jr. “Robert Jackson’s Wives and Children”, New York Genealogical and Biographical Register, Jan 2000. Macy gives a (to me) convincing argument about Robert’s wives:
m. 1st: name unknown; children Mary, John, Samuel [yours?], possibly Martha [who m. Nathaniel Coles]. (I am directly descended through Mary [m. John Ferris] and John [m. Elizabeth Seaman].)
m. 2nd: unknown Washburn [dau. William & Jane]; she had at least 2 daughters, Sarah [m. Nathaniel Moore] and one unknown, possibly Martha (rather than the 1st wife).
m. 3rd: Agnes unknown. She is the source of the belief that Agnes was a Washburn daughter. I believe she and Robert had no children. Try to get the article for Macy’s reasoning that Agnes was someone unknown, and that the Washburn wife’s first name is unknown, at least at the time of this paper.

You are right about our Seaman connection. Capt. John & Elizabeth Strickland [dau. John & unknown] were my 8G Grandparents. My lines are through 2 of their children:
1. Elis(z)abeth who m. John Jackson; their son Samuel who m. half-cousin Abigail Seaman [dau. Thomas & Mary unknown].
2. Jonathan who m. unknown; their son John, who m. Hannah Williams [dau. John & Leah Townsend].

Williams & Mott:
You’re right....none of my Williams are yours. Neither are my few Motts.

The Long Island group is really entangled, and I have not looked at this material for quite some years.... I am very open to corrections and additions....
I show Robert BRUSH (1685-1766) married to Isabella WEEKS (1693-1719) calculated to be my husband's 7ggrandfather. Not sure if this fits into any of the lines discussed so far.
It looks like I'm probably a very distant cousin to several of you.

My third-great-grandmother (maternal line) was Rachel Carman, wife of Pierson Roll. (Pierson's family is of New Jersey, by way of Staten Island, NY. The original immigrant ancestor was Jan Mangelse ("son of Mangel") of Holland.)

Her parents: Jacob Carman and Mahala Golden. (I don't know any more on the Golden line, unfortunately.) Jacob & Mahala left Long Island, and settled eventually in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Jacob's parents: Jacob Carman and Rachel Weeks. (Received info is that Rachel's father is Abraham Weeks, but I have found convincing evidence that her mother was NOT Rachel Whitson, as I was told.)

Jacob (Sr)'s parents: Adam Carman and Philadelphia Titus. (Adam's parentage is a mystery, but he is generally accepted as a direct descendant of John Carman and Florence Fordham.)

Philadelphia's parents: Jacob Titus and Margaret Germond. (Margaret is the daughter of Isaac Germond, who is the son of immigrant Simon Germain).

Jacob's parents: John Titus and Sarah Willis. (Sarah is the daughter of Henry Willis and Mary Peace.)

John's parents: (immigrant) Edmund Titus and Martha Washburn.

Martha's parents: William Washburn and Jane Nichols.

And by that point, we're no longer in North America, let alone Long Island. I believe all of the Long Island families are of English origin except Germond/Germaine, which is French.



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