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I heard this term "Nipigon Nylons" over the xmas holidays--by a Toronto girl. I had to ask what she was talking about.

I live 100 miles north-east - from Nipigon and never heard the term.

I know now -I'm curious to know how many of you know the term!-or use it.

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I never use the term and haven't heard of it but it's right out there on Google.
Nipigon Nylons Belong to Town
Carl Clutchey

Being associated with a heavy-duty sock may not be everybody's idea of fame, but it works for Nipigon.

A local association of women entrepreneurs has obtained a federal trademark for Nipigon Nylons, the ubiquitous, gray work sock worn by loggers, hikers and anyone who hates to have cold feet.

"We think it will help put Nipigon on the map, and we also wanted to have some fun for a change," Levina Collins, chairwoman of the New Beginnings Circle group, said Monday.

The group acquired the Industry Canada trademark last summer for about $500, but just got around to publicizing it Monday.

Thick work socks are made by a variety of manufacturers, but over several decades have often been associated with Nipigon, which is marking its 100th anniversary.

History buffs say the 'nylons' handle developed over a century ago, when Nipigon women in poorly-heated houses would fight the cold by putting socks on right over their shoes.

"Even in the (U.S.), you'll be travelling down there and you'll see a store selling socks and calling them Nipigon Nylons," noted Nipigon Mayor Richard Harvey.

Asked if his own mother wore them, Harvey, who grew up in the town, laughed: "I don't think so."

Obtaining the trademark is good for tourism and another item of note when visitors are passing through, he added.

"This is about keeping the idea in Nipigon," he said

What they baptized "Nipigon Nylons" is a work sock with a different color heel and toe! With long winters and other cool periods we can wear them a while.  They use to be 60% wool-40% polyester .Now your lucky to get them at 40% wool- I have to wear them all year round --less than 40% wool my feet heat-up in 1/2 hour.

 Everybody wears them around here -- so we just call them socks-- In french I have another term for them but i tought the later name was real appropriate for my closenest to NIPIGON.



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