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My ancestor Mary Peacock was born 1805 in Kentucky.  She married James Arnold and ended her days in Tennessee.  I can not locate Mary's parents.  Does anyone have a Mary Peacock from Kentucky in their family tree?

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My ftDNA profile shows me as Jeffrey Allan Stewart, and as Jeffrey Stewart in GEDMatch.  If you can remember your GED profile, can you check to see if you come up with any match with profile #A297676?  That test is from the person who matched me and appears to be a descendant from a Kentucky Arnold line.


Okay, Jeff I am not sure what to tell you. I found out that my old Gedmatch file had been deleted so I reappled and sent in my Family Finder results. I have been tokenized whatever that means. I entered your match's number as I can only compare one to one. Some info came up but I do not know what to make of it. My kit is f187515. Maybe you can compare my kit to yours and your other match. I tried to use my father's results as the Arnolds are on his side but he has not been tokenized yet. Let me know if you can figure out our results. I am interested to hear what you discover.

Mona, according to GEDmatch, we probably have a common ancestor seven generations back.  That doesn't necessarily mean its through the Arnolds, but 7 generations back is where my Arnold trail dead ends, and we know that we both had Arnold ancestors in Hickman county around the same time, so its a good chance.  This is helpful to me if we can firm up or rule out any other possible shared lines, because your Arnold line goes back at least a generation further than mine.  The implication is that my William H. Arnold, son of William and Mary Arnold of Hickman County, could still be a grandson of James Arnold and Mary Peacock, just not through Jonathan Arnold as I had originally thought.  Of course, its possible that William H. could be a nephew of James too.  There do seem to be many Arnolds in Hickman County at that time, and James was believed to be the first, but he may have had family who followed him there.


Once your father's sample is tokenized, let me know.  If I match him too, we've at least narrowed down the candidates for our shared ancestor by 50%.   I ran your profile against kit # A297676, who has an Arnold on his fathers side and was a match with my profile.  GEDmatch showed 6.8 generations to your most recent common ancestor.  His Arnold ancestor can only be traced back to Kentucky.   You match him, but on different chromosomes that he matches me on.  His father has a GEDmatch kit as well, but I can't seem to locate the number at the moment.  I'd be curious to see if his father matches the both of us on any shared segments.



I had some difficulty with my father's Gedmatch downloads.  He is finally tokenized.  His kit is f115642.  his name is John William Mayberry.  You can do a one-to-one match with his kit now and he should be fully processed in a couple of days.  Let me know your conclusion.

Mona,  your father and I matched on Chromosomes 1 and 11, with an estimated most recent common ancestor at 7.4 generations back.  One particular segment where we matched was common to another ftDNA test subject that I matched and have at least one know common ancestor, through the Warrens of Rappahannock, Virginia, myself through William Warren and this other test subject through his brother Thomas.   Does your father have any known Warrens in his tree?  Its always possibly that my connection to this other test subject was through someone other than the Warrens, but that's the only known common ancestor I've found with them.  And then again, Thomas Warren was reputed to have been a bit of a scoundrel, with at least one known illegitimate child with the surname of Payne or Paine.

As for our shared chromosomes, none of the chromosomes I share with you were common to your father, so they were all from your mother's side.  Just as you and I both matched kit # A297676 though his mother and then separately through his father, I match both your parents.




I have my mother's results entered, as well as her sister's (my aunt's) DNA results into Gedmatch. They are tokenizedso you can do a one to one match. My mother is Jerres Meyer. Her kit is f210970. My aunt is Shirley Jean Davis. Her kit is f227126. I would be interested to see what you dicover. Yes, my father does have Warrens in his tree, His grandmother's maiden name was Warren. She was from Waverly, Humphries County, TN. Some of her Warrens lived in Perry County, TN. He had an ancestor by the name of Thomas Warren.





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