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Friends – Please tune in tonight to view LowCountry Africana’s {} interview tonight on Anderson Cooper’s CNN AC360 – African Journey!

See President Obama's Trip & tracing the First Lady's roots back to Charleston, SC.

Tune-in NOW!:-)


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Anderson Cooper reported an "editing" issue. Interview with LowCountry Africana regarding their research tracing Michelle Obama's South Carolina lineage, will air tomorrow!

Stay tuned...

Oh family is from Charleston too...wonder if there's a connection, lol!
Could be Aisha! Have you visited LowCountry Africana here at GenealogyWise? Go to:

An INCREDIBLE repository of LowCountry (SC, FL, GA) slave data.

Join the group so that we can keep you up-to-speed & make sure to checkout the interview on CNN tomorrow night - who knows, you & Michelle could be cousins!:-)

... and then it was postponed until tomorrow night! Sorry everyone, over a commercial break they decided to push the SC segment to tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET and then they will air an hour-long special on Saturday and Sunday. We made popcorn and everything ... LOL ---toni
Nothing loss - I totally enjoyed the segment. My kids did too! I have got to get to Ghana and walk that land. I have just got to...

Just in case you missed the AC360 LowCountry Africana interview -!

Cutting room floor - I said in the interview that slavery was brutal and oppressive but families and communities emerged strong and solid and the comment they left in was that slavery was unpleasant. What ya gonna do with the media? Ay Yay Yay ---toni



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