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Hello. I am James Retson and my genealogy website is

I was born in Nova Scotia and started doing genealogy at age 12 and by now have many lines back to 1600 where I am stopping. I am now filling in the details and stories. I am still researching some lines in Northern England, Ireland and the United States

Hi - I find myself revisiting my brick walls of late, and I found myself back here after a lengthy absence. I am still working on my Steere, Fletcher, Lavelle and those families that connect.

Hi there!  I'm currently living in Marin County, CA, but am a native of Maryland.  I belong to the Marin County Genealogical Society and am on the Board.  I've been researching since 2005, and am primarily self-taught, learning by doing.  I was an early-adopter of Ancestry DNA and several family members have tested also, which has been very helpful in my research. I married in 2017 and have been subsequently built a tree for my husband's family.  When his father, who was adopted at birth in 1942 took a DNA test, I was able to piece together his birth family tree from shared matches, learning about NPE research as I went. I'm now coming back around to take more formal training and pick up the pieces I've missed along the way. I'm also hoping this community might assist with some of my brick walls - I've posted one such puzzle in a Surname Group already!  

Hi, everyone!  I'm taking the course Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist and I just found out about Genealogy Wise today.  I recently started a blog at I would like to become a professional genealogist and I spend a lot of time learning about every genealogy related.  I started tracing my family tree when I was 15 years old and have continued on and off for many decades now.  I have a lot of family support for which I am grateful.  My weaknesses right now are having enough patience to write a decent research report and not to lost focus on the project at hand.  The families I am researching are from the midwest and the south.  Some surnames in my line are Popplewell, Satterfield, Turpin, Martin, Ames, Witham, Blass, Ohl, Ooton/Wooton, and Hochstetler.

My name is Nelda Rodgers and I started researching my genealogy based on a descendant chart my great grandfather sent his Bible in order to prove he was an heir of Jacob Baker in Pennsylvania.  I learned this was part of a Baker Family Hoax.  The second reason I started looking was because my grandfather and his famiy thought my great great grandfather abandoned after his first wife died.

The surnames I am researching on my dad's side:  Baker, Childers, Duncan, Pearson, Rodgers/Rogers, Smith.  On my mother's side:  Gann, Griffith, Patterson, Steen, Wood.

Great stories!  Any way I can help?  I live in Iowa now, but moving to the SW as soon as it is safe.  I have Rogers on the Mayflower, SMITH in England and Canada

Hi!   I am researching the Espy, Sanders/Saunders, Crecelius, Wisdom and Branham families that were in southern Indiana and Kentucky around the Louisville area.  I am also trying to find information on the Ashcraft, Hatfield, Brinegar, Helton and Henderson families which were mainly in Greene, Monroe and Lawrence counties in Indiana.  I have been researching since the early 1990s and started taking classes about a year and a half ago. 

My name is Jennifer Trzcienski and i have been working on my genealogy first for a badge for girl scouts and then for school project and the learn how to really get into it at my first library job over 29 years. I have attend many seminars both in person and virtual. I am also a member of the following Virtual Genealogical Association, NGS and the NEHGS(American Ancestors) I am also a member of our local Roscommon County Genealogical Society. I love to research both my family i do help people on occasionally.   

Roscommon County, Michigan ? 

Hi. I live in Nebraska and am very involved in the Nebraska State Genealogical Society. Part of my ancestors have lived here since the 1870s. Have research much of my husband's family and my family. I currently don't have time for much of my own, as I am working. Surnames include Jorgensen, Seggerman, Regnier, Foster, Lindsay, Sickmon, etc. My husband's: Sparrow, Foresman, Patterson, Thompson, etc. 

Welcome, Beth! My husband's ancestors are from Nebraska, mainly in the area around Beatrice.

I've been involved in family history for at least 2 years. Have used social media and Ancestry to connect to many family members, exchanging family history information.

My current genealogy research focus is McMurran/McMurrin family, specifically my ancestor, Henry McMurran who emigrated from Antrim, Ireland with their wife, Mary and raised a family in Minnehaha, South Dakota in the early 1880's. This is part of my maternal family lineage and so far, has been a hard nut  for me to crack/discover new records, make new family connections to find out more about their lives, why they decided to emigrate and settle in South Dakota. 



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