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I have been researching my family history for 23 years. I am researching the following lines:

Coon (Honeoye Falls Village, Mendon Township, Ontario County, New York; Manlinus, Onondaga County, New York; Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin)
Darling (New York and Wisconsin)
Dow (Runham, Norfolk County, England; Haverhill, Essex County, Mass.; Weyauwega, Crawford County, Wisconsin; Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin)
Thayer (Thornbury, Glocester, England; Braintree, Norfolk County, Mass.; Salem, Essex County, Mass.; Hudson Hillsborough New Hampshire
Stonequist (Sweden, Chicago, Cook County, IL)
Riddell ( Locations: Blaye, France; England; Scotland (borders area), Coleraine, Londonderry, Northern Ireland; Londonderry, New Hampshire (pre Revolutionary War), Coleraine, Hampshire County, Mass; Preston, Chenango County, New York; Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin; )
Sankey (England, Windsor, York County, Pennslyvania; Lewistown, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania; Potter and Gregg townships, Centre County, Pennsylvania; Osceola Mills, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania; Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin.)
Malcolm (Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland; Troy Township, Ashland County, Ohio; Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Hawkins (Alliance, Stark County, Ohio; Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio)
Ward (Miller Township, Knox County, Ohio; Brandon, Knox County, Ohio; Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio)
Graham (Monongahela, Washington County, Pennsylvania; Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio)

My specializations are photographic identification of Cabinet Cards and a year of inventory and placement for family heirlooms such as original deeds, wills and photos etc with descendants or local archives with a local genealogical society (Lost Treasures Committee Chair).
Hi. My name is Kim and I have been researching my family history for about 6years and I am at a road block right now but hopeful that this network will be able to help. The surnames I am searching for are Chesnut, Dillard, and Petrie.
I have been plotting along for years sometimes I don't do research for a while but I always come back. I started before there were computers and used a small portable Underwood typewriter for letter writing etc.,Things have really changed there are so many data bases on-line now. I am interested in Tomlinson, lived in Bucks, Co. PA in 1700's before they moved to Ontario, Canada circa 1803. VanAlystine lived in New Amsterdam circa 1640. Also lived in other areas of New York state. Corbman and Fuchs (Fox) also were from that area. Most of my ancestors were United Empire Loyalist and were living in America before they choose to stay aligned with the crown. The Families of Brooks, Stoneburg, Weeks, Clarke, Locke, Ashman, Debnam, Van Vaulkenburg, Van Horn, Ozburn, Smith et al., Anyone researching these names can drop me a line..
I would love to find people from these lines.
my name is Viktor and I am from Germany. I life in Lahr, Baden Württemberg on the bottom of the Black Forest. My Family originaly came from the small German village of Büsingen a. H. which is surounded bei Switzerland. My family goes back to the 17th Century. I am researching my roots for allmost 20 years making steady progress in transkription etc.
I got also a homepage called I am looking forward to an interesting exchange.
Best wishes from Lahr Germany

I live in Dunedin FL but my roots are in Plainfield, Massachusetts where 5 generation of Dyer's lived. My mother started doing genealogy in her teens and passed that interest on to me. I have all her notes. When I was in high school I started working on my father line with her,and have continues with it on and off for about 40 years. I have a good understanding of New England records especially Mass, as 5 members of my family were town clerks in Plainfield. I am currently the President of the Suncoast Genealogy Society in Palm Harbor FL.
Hi, I am Nick from the UK, I run and I assist many genealogy entusiasts from around the world by restoring any old photos they come across! Really like this site, so easy to use and so many things to use
Hello from Alabama! I have been researching my family line for a couple of years so I'm still relatively new. This site was recommended by a fellow DAR member and I'm very pleased to have found it. I spend most of my time looking for new information on the following families: McLeroy/McElroy, Shipp, Moon, McWaters, Tally, Jackson, Covey, Fleming, Trotter, Payne, Myrick, Malone, Spivey, Deal and Butler. I occasionally get bored or hit a roadblock and wander off to research my husband's family, Powell, Jones, Deramus, Wyatt, Robinson and Mims. All of these families traveled from VA, NC, SC, GA and into AL with the exception of one line of Jacksons, Covey, Fleming, and Trotter who started out in NY and wound up in Indiana. I'm most interested in any information about the Deal family as I only have basis information about my ggrandmother Deal. I'm a member of the local historical society here in Shelby County, AL and would be happy to look/copy info here or in surrounding counties. Judy Powell

Hi - I'm Bonnie - also known as Valentinoswife on my blog at Amore e Sapore di Famiglia
I started working on my husband's family because everyone lived in Italy and I wanted our sons to know their family. WHat began as a short project blossomed into 10 years plus of research from the US to Italy to find over 1000 people spanning over two hundred years of history -- and I have maternal line brickwalls! Having been blessed with the world's most precious inlaws made this a labor of love. At first most of them did not understand but as my research expanded into book form, they too are fascinated now as I bring them family many never knew of themselves! I am planning now on expanding the direct lines to include collateral ones and see where that takes us as well as trying to break some of the brick walls we are dealing with.

I've been doing genealogy research for over 30 years, since I was in high school. I'm from the Salem, Mass, area and I still live only about an hour away from Salem. Most of my ancestors lived in Salem or Essex, County, Massachusetts or nearby. I've collected a database of over 80,000 names and now I'm filling in all the stories. I blog at and I've posted some of those stories on my blog here, too. I've started several surname research projects (Hoogerzeil, Wilkinsons of NH/ME, Jones/Dominis connection in Boston/Hawaii, Hitchings, Bill) and I've been captain of the NH Mayflower Society for five years.
Even after all those years and all those names, there is always something to research in the family! Now I've started doing research for my husband's family in Spain, and I hope to go to Hawaii next year to finish up some Jones/Dominis/Holt research, but there are still plenty of brickwalls and mysteries here in New England!
As you can see my name is John I live in the south of England,Haslemere,Surrey to be precise.I have been researching my family name since 1998ish.I have always been interested in my family name and like a lot of people regret not taking notice of family members now sadly deceased.Although I am researching my family,I am always interested in contact from other familes including Belchambers,Bellchamber and Bellchambers,especially from other continents.
Hi, I'm from Virginia. I've been researching my family genealogy for over 20 yrs. I had taken a bit of a break from doing much research lately, but am ready to jump back in and see what I else I can find . Most of the names that I'm researching are in Virginia or North Carolina, Here are some of the surnames I am looking for more info on:

Webb, Keesee, Dickerson, Chapman, Phipps, Duncan, Callahan,

This seems like a really cool site and very easy to use, I'm glad I decided to give it a try.
I live in Scotland and have been hoping to trace any descendants of Lambert's who immigrated to Pennsylvania. I have been researching my family history for a long time or it seems that way. Check out my website -

I am looking for any descendent of Lambert's who immigrated to Pennsylvania, in particular, Allegheny, Pittsburgh between 1880 - 1883 from Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland. The names are David Law Lambert, John Lambert, and Robert Kirk Lambert. I do have census info from 1900, 1910 for them. Robert Kirk Lambert married Hannah Wallace Abt. 1886 and had Robert b: 07 May 1888, Albert: b 14 Aug 1890 and Mabel b: May 1893.
There may also have been a Jane Lambert and a Mary Inglis Lambert that also emigrated but I am not sure on this on.
I would appreciate any information on the above.





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