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Hello my new friends.

I am Brazilian and descended from Swiss who came immigrated to Brazil in the years 1854 and 1855.

My great-great-grandfather was George Hug (Variants - George Hug, George Hugs), born in 1829 in Aargau. Arrived in Brazil shipped by Antwerp in 1855.

My great-great-grandmother was Anne Marie Josephne Claus, born in 1839, in Torny le Grand, Friborg, daughter of Christian Claus and Thereze Catherine Claus (maiden Ackermann), and came to Brazil in 1855.

Both were settlers in the Ibicaba Farm, which hosted the colonists' uprising. On this same farm was colonist Tomaz Davatz, who wrote a book about the episode, which ended up making prohibited new Swiss immigration to Brazil.

Every help is welcome. My email is

Thank you very much

Cesar Pimentel

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