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Hi All

I do not know too much about Genetics and the implications to my family, but I've done a YDNA test for my paternal line.

For the immediate paternal past I know I come from a UK Family - Caucasian - with a traceable   history back to the late 1700's in Britain. My surname is listed as being Sardinian in origin,in a book of UK Surnames that came out in 1912 (can't remember the name of the book!!)

I remember reading somewhere that "Sard" has been in the UK since the Domesday book. I know my Surname exists in  Italy and the UK most strongly, but also in France, Spain and Scandinavia.

My YDNA test says I belong to Haplogroup D - an old lineage found mostly in Tibet, The Andaman Islands, the original Japanese and small drabs of Mongolia..!!

Is this a common thing..? Most research says these are the main places where this Halogroup exists, and even then only in small pockets..!!

Is it likely to be a mistake ? I may get a second test...

But for the meantime I can only guess. Perhaps generational movements through maybe Genghis Kahn/Kublai Kahn, Attilla the Hun (knowing that it was predominantly Halplogroup C - Maybe some Haplogroup D's were in the hordes?) or migration along the Silk Road...? I'm really at a loss...

Bearing in mind the Italian/Europe/UK surname

But maybe even through Turkey and the Turkic populations there - but they are pretty much Haplo C and in small concentration)...

Maybe I'm thinking too recently, and there were movements earlier on - but I don't know much about that..

I'm at a loss..!!

Anyone with any suggestions would be welcome...!!

Thanks for any help


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I saw your entry concerning Haplogroup D. I also belong to that group. My DNA test was maternal and it shows that my Mother's family dates back to the 1300's in the area of Russia and China. You also have a beginning in that area. According to my test results, my Mother's family split, 1 part went down into Europe and finally ended up in Spain the other crossed into Alaska and down into the Americas, first around Arizona and then down into Mexico. If you go into they have all kinds of information that will probably answer most of your questions. Good luck and have a good day.  Ed Romero

Hi - just a long overdue update - I had all 111 panel markers done by FTDNA and it appears I am YDNA Haplogroup I after the dodgy reading I got from the first company. I am I2a2b L161 Isles (B3) to be more precise...

Got to wonder about the accuracy of it all I think..!! This result does at least tie in with what I know of my family ancestry... I still am an outlier in within the small amount of people who fall in this classification (no direct relationship matches), but at least it is not as mystifying as my first reading.

Thank you everyone for your responses over the last 3 years..!!






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