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It is important to print out, bind (this could be as simple as an Accopress binder) and file two copies of your family trees with the Genealogy Departments of the Library and Archives Canada and the Library of Congress in the US as well as with the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, so no matter what, all your research is not lost.

Also, if you formally publish a family tree / history, you should obtain an ISBN number. By complying with the requirements, you will have to have a page that classifies your research, assigns a unique number, cataloguing-in-publication (CIP) information, all which will make the information available across North America.

That being said, there is no hurry, we will probably live forever! And, thankfully, we live on a planet where there are no floods, tornadoes, rainstorms or fires.

Have to get back and figure out how to stuff the 8"/20cm discs into that little USB port (:-)

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Hi Ted,
Thank you for that very interesting piece of information.
As I live in Australia I am not sure where I would register my family tree.
That at least gives me some more research to do.

Yes we do have tonadoes,fires, floods, and rainstorms here in WA as well,
Have a great day
Hmm... Good idea, I should do that.

Thanks for the tip.
Thanks so much for this important information.
Bettie King



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