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I am trying to help my daughter-in-law discover the identity of her great-grandparents. Her paternal grandfather was adopted. I have never done this before and am having a lot of trouble deciding where to look. The ONLY info I have is that he was born in Missouri to Missouri born parents and adopted by a couple from Des Moines IA sometime before his first birthday. Any suggestions?

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If you know the adoptive parents, and where they lived, try petioning the local court to open the adoption records. My wife did this for her grandfather


thanks - I will try that next!


Do you know if you can petition the court from another state?  And if so, where do you begin?

Thank you,


I know my wife and Mother in Law called the court of the county involved in another state. After talking to her, she said her brother who lived in that state went to the court. They suggested just calling the county clerk and asking for info from them. I hope this helps

Thank you! I will try that.  :)





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