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I have an Alabama Morgan who is being a brick wall!

Stephen Burrell Morgan (b. c 1825, d 1865) I do have a goodly amount of info on him and his family, but zero on his parents. He married Jane Elizabeth Donald (b. 1836, d 1916). They had 3 sons (Warren, Thomas J, and Robert Algernon- my G-grandfather) and a stillborn 4th child. He went off to the civil war as a great adventure and died of the measles a few months later. He was the first burial at Confederate Rest in Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile. Copies of his letters to Jane and one to his brother-in-law are at

They messed up on his name, reversing and misspelling it, too, but it IS my ancestor. The address and brother-in-law's name clinches it. They lived in Choctaw and Sumter Co before the war then moved to Lauderdale, Mississippi and finally to Marianna, Fla after the war. Warren died in his teens- no dates on his headstone, but he is buried near other family members.

Robert married Octavia A C McNeil daughter of Daniel L McNeil and Louise unknown. (My dad told me there was Choctaw on that side of the family and Louise is my best candidate- I can't find her grave, but I think it is in Lauderdale). Daniel died in Alabama (Gosh, I love Findagrave!- so helpful!).

Thomas J. married Fally/ Tally/ Phalbia Boyd and their first son died young. They had a second son Marvin Loel Warn Morgan (that's how it's on his draft card for WWI). And then I lose them.

Stephen may be related to the Lawson family by marriage. He has a possible brother/cousin named William, born 1836, living with him and Jane according to the 1860 census. Other brothers are mentioned in the letters.

Any of this "click" with your family history? I made a transcript of the Civil War letters, if you are interested.

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