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According to the family Bible, Edward Kenyon 1851 - 1928, Coastguard Boatman, married Dinah Batt 1858 - 1910 at Teigngrace, Devon on 07 Oct 1879. However, diligent searches at FreeBMD have been futile for this registration.

Is there anyone at this site who has access to parish records, or civil records in the county or other suggestions?

New member . . .  first discussion . . . 

Greetings from Ontario, Canada



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Hi Gary,

I've found family search's free website can be helpful in some cases for parish records - I can't find anything that will help your search for Edward Kenyon's marriage however. 

I notice Edward shows he had a total of 12 children 11 living & 1 deceased by 1911 census. He lived at 3 Gladstone Rd, Ramsey, Isle of Man. 


Perhaps Devon Parish website can help you with the record you need-





Thanks for the reply and tip about the Devon Parish website. They don't have any Kenyon details there yet, but I'll check in from time-to-time.


Yes, Edward was a CG boatman at Westward Ho! and Hartland Quay (where my grandfather was born), then Trevose Head, Cornwall before returning to the Isle of Man where his parents lived. So, their experience in Devon was temporary except for the eldest sons, Edward John 'Ted' Kenyon b1880 and William Charles b1881, who served in the RN (Devonport), married and lived with their families in the county. I hope to encounter their descendants some day.


I have a full tree on GenesReunited with many details but lack the marriage registration of Edward and Dinah. Would be very pleased to hear from anyone with Kenyon or Batt family connections.


Kind regards,



Hi Gary,

I use and there are several other members with a family tree that include your Edward & Dinah listed.  "upjohn family tree" and "haggett family tree" are 2 which are public and may help you in future.  They don't seem to have your missing marriage record though.

Good luck!

Yo, Julia,

I buy a 'monthly' at Ancestry sometimes and go nuts doing research there. The Haggett tree is unfamiliar but the Upjohn link is very peripheral to the Batt/Kenyon line thru the Hewer family which was mainly in Somerset. Thanks again for your efforts looking for my data.

Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Hi Magda,

Most of my research has been English, Manx and North American, so I've not taken the opportunity to poke around in Germany and France. Sorry, I can't really comment on how helpful Ancestry would be in those countries. Maybe you could find a group on this site that would be useful.







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