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I'm looking for any information on the Washburn family in New England. They came over from Bengeworth, England. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!! thanks!!

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I have some Washburn tombstone pics from Woodstock VT and area. Are these yours?
ummm . . . i don't think those are my washburns. most of mine are from MA, although it is possible. what are some of the names on the tombstones?? can u tell?
Hi Jim,

This is Barbara Lasell Rose Combs. I would have to see the names in order to confrim these pictures might be any of mine. My E-Mail Addy is: If you might be able to send the pic to my E-Mail Addy maybe I can see who these people are. I live in Tempe, AZ. Thanks in advance for your help. Take care and have a great weekend.

Barb Lasell Rose
Angela,just joined and saw your query.I had an uncle Ralph Washburn of Carver,Ma,he was married to an Elva Keyes of Wareham,Ma.I also have a book at home in Fl on Washburns.I will be back in Fl some time next week and will pass on the name of the book and do any looking up in that book that may help you. later,richard
that name, Wareham, MA, doesn't sound familiar to me. The majority of my Washburns were in the area of Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. Then some of them show up in Connecticut, and others in Long Island, New York. but for the most part, they're all from Bridgewater, and came from Bengeworth, England. thanks for looking up the name of that book, though!! i really appreciate it!!
Angela,sorry to have taken so long to get back to you about the book,it is titled"Ebenezer Washburn" His Ancestors and Descendants with some connected Families. A family story of 700 years by Geo.T.Washburn
American Mission Lenox Press,Pasumalai,South India,1913
Just a quick quote from the preface "It was not until about three years ago thatte idenity of Ebenezer Washburn of New Milford Conn.,with Ebenezer,son of Joseph Washburn (3) of Bridgewater,Mass.,was established
Checkede the index and "Bengeworth" is mentioned several times in the book.Sounds like this may be something you are looking for,let me know if I can help. later,rich
Hello! If you are looking for Washburns in Wareham, I have this information on them from the Wareham Vital Records, but only up to about 1860. I've put it into a text file (attached) and hope it helps.

Anything more recent hasn't been published, so you would have to write to the Town Clerk. If you need that address, the town has a website where you can find it.
I have Washburns in my Francis Cooke Silver Book. Francis came over on the Mayflower. Scott

I did some Washburn research about 20 years ago because I thought I was related to them. I have attached a gedcom for you.
Dear Carroll: I have the Francis Cooke Silver book, Thru 5 generations. And your Washburns are in there. This info could get somebody into the Mayflower Society. By the way I am the President of the Francis Cooke Society.
Scott McKay
Dear Scott,

I would join the Mayflower Society with several ancestors but all but one line of mine to them is not now accepted by the Society.
I have a direct line to Francis Cooke and others through Elkanah Cushman to Martha Cushman and Nathaniel and their son Jabez Holmes. The Society does not show Jabez's son Palmer Holmes b. 1755 in their records. You can find his brothers Jedediah, Rozell, Jabez, Jr, and John but not him.
He is listed in the bible records of the descendants of two of his brothers but not in any baptismal records as they were. He also was the only son who did not fight in the Revolutionary War so there is no DAR lineage.
Do you show anything on him in the Francis Cook Society? Perhaps a state Mayflower society has proved the line.
I have attached a line of descent chart.

Carroll Holmes
Carrol Holmes: I sent this message and attachment to the Cooke genealogist.Hopefully she can give us some kind of answer. Scott



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