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John P Peterson, 2nd great grand uncle

John P Peterson, 2nd great grand uncle

Born abt 1840 presumably in Eastport, Suffolk, New York to Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L Overton. Here's the mystery but first a bit of background.

1850 living with parents Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L Overton and siblings, Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York

1860 living with parents Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L and siblings in Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York

22 Aug 1866 married Hannah Jane Champion in Philadelphia,…


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Further research has revealed that my Kennedy lineage traces back to Duncan Kennedy, who married Ann Fraser, in Argylleshire. Their son, Duncan, was born in 1772, and in 1808 he married Mary Butter(s), at Keppoch. Duncan and Mary had at least one child, John, born sometime between 1816-1818. John migrated to Australia, before 1848, when he married a widow, Margaret Drane, ( nee Mc Phee),( born in Scotland, in 1822), in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Margaret already had two kids, and she…


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Launched my first book - Jolly Boats on the River

Genealogy started as a hobby for me in the early 1980s when began tracing my family's origin.  Becoming more intrigued by my findings, I began my pursuit of a professional designation in genealogy with the National Institute of Genealogy at the University of Toronto.  Today, my research connects genealogical evidence to the family stories, preserving them for the generations that follow.

Recently graduating as a professional genealogist, with a passion for preserving…


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Seeking Nall (Nalle) family info from England

Richard Nallen was. Born in 1632 in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, England and is my 11th Grandfather on my maternal side. Seeking any info please.

Added by Renee Hatch on July 10, 2021 at 7:14pm — No Comments

The Rural Little Schools

Nestled along the side roads of 19th century America, little schoolhouses dotted the landscape. Their building shapes were as unique as the people entering through their doors. From simple designs to an elaborate architectural theme, these structures defined character and future dreams. The size depended on the need, which…


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Early Settlers of Sullivan County, North Carolina: Now Tennessee

Nestled between the mountain ridges of eastern Tennessee lies a region rich in history. An area visited by explorers, Native Americans, and early pioneer families, a land that speaks of traditions and folklore, stories, and legends. Sullivan County, North Carolina, was the second county located in present-day Tennessee to exist. After establishing Washington County in 1777, Sullivan County began the journey with North Carolina in 1779. The county’s name originated in honor of …


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Ottilie Johanna Wilhelmina Slezak, Great Grandmother

There is an interesting back story regarding my great grandmother Johanna Slezak. My father; Donald A Schultz, always told me his grandmother was born in Germany, and her name was Johanna Slezak. She came over on a ship.

Ok so the first record found from Geburtenregister der Berliner Standesämter (Bestände P Rep. 100 bis P Rep. 840) 1874–1908. Digital images. Landesarchiv Berlin, Germany was dated 20 December 1877 and says

"Nr. 524

Schöneberg, on the 20 December…


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Fannie Slezak, Great-Grand Aunt

Every once in a while I come back to more recent ancestors. The past few days it's been my great grandaunt; Fannie Slezak.

Fannie was born 4 Feb 1879 in Vienna, Austria to Johann "John" Slezak, and Ottilie Slezak nee Nessel. She first married Paul Loester (born 1867 in Vienna, Austria; son of Josef Loester and Wilhemina Rudish) on 18 Aug 1898 in Manhattan. Fannie and Paul had 2 sons; Paul Loester JR, born 11 Aug 1899, Manhattan, died 16 Dec 1955 in Valley Stream, New York; Paul Jr…


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Two Roberts

Looking for help, but not quite sure this is the correct way please bear with me and explian if i have it wrong i'll get it right next time. Here we go

I have two Robert Hills one I have connected to my tree quite easily, he was Robert born 1807 in Mariansleigh, Devon and married Mary Ann Cruwys in 1841 then married Jane Greenslade by 1871 bringing daughter Bessie J (b.1865) with her. All good so far.

Now, the other Robert I'm trying to connect, without luck, born 1811 Mariansleigh,…


Added by Tony (Anthony) Hill on February 18, 2021 at 11:49am — No Comments

Bond wise


I am studying with NIFGS for my English certificate.  Through my studies this network was mentioned so I am taking advantage of all the new tools I've learned about and are available to me in order to become more informed.

I have been researching my family tree going on 10 years now. At first is was whenever I had the time but now through this pandemic situation I can devote more time to it.

My family name is Bond so I am open to connecting with anyone else…


Added by Susan Paterson on January 10, 2021 at 3:29pm — No Comments

Last Turn of the Key

I never knew my Great Grandpa Hochstetler. My mother never knew him, either. He is a shadowy figure in my mind. I’m not even sure what He looked like. He passed away on March 6th, 1926, before my mother was born.

I’ve always pictured him being stern for some reason. I know he was Baptist. His family was Amish, but I’m not sure when he actually left the church. I know they had financial issues when the last child, my mom’s mother, was born. The census shows he was an engineer at a…


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More Military News for Researchers

The other day I wrote a report on where one can find more data on the military member in the family now or in the past. 

Yesterday I received another magazine called the Military Officer  Never Stop Serving.  This one discussed underwater discoveries (shipwrecks). It also had article about Major Richard Star's Brave Fight. pg 60. Other articles also. …


Added by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on November 16, 2020 at 9:37pm — No Comments

Portal to Texas History

I stumbled onto this lovely site that is extremely user friendly, and I imagine may be of interest to those with Texas roots:

Portal to Texas History

Through this site you can search for surnames and specific people, not only in newspapers, but in books and other collections. And it's free!

Added by Kate Steere on August 25, 2020 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Back again...

Over the last few weeks, I have been poking at my brick walls as one does, and a few records have popped up, much to my surprise. 

Still not much luck actually 'proving' W.A. Lavelle's parents, as I am still unable to locate him in the 1860 or 1870 census records. I have found him in theater cast lists in various newspapers which trace him through the 1870s and 1880s, I believe I found him on a Chicago directory living with his mother one year - cannot…


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What are Living Family Trees?

Most people studying genealogy are looking for ancestors.  A family tree of such ancestors is ascendant - it goes backward in time.  Living Family Trees are descendant - they come forward in time.  I have found it interesting to look at descendant family trees from great grandparents forward.  Especially where teaching children is concerned, it is valuable to show relationships in current time.

Living Family Trees

Genealogy is a fascinating subject but first one must understand…


Added by John Meng-Frecker on August 23, 2020 at 11:00am — No Comments

HAPLOGROUP I2a1 – L621 ... – CTS10228 – Y3120

As it is now well known, I2a1 is a typical European haplogroup. It is present all over the continent with maximum frequencies recorded in Bosnia (particularly among Bosnian Croats), Sardinia, Croatia, Serbia (+30%), Montenegro, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Macedonia (+20%). The percentages of I2a1a2b-L621 clade in Slovenia, Ukraine, and Russia available on the Internet should be taken with caution because they are definitely smaller: up to 13% in Slovenia, 16% in Ukraine, and…


Added by Željko Musović on August 1, 2020 at 11:00am — No Comments

American History

   American History

How many of  us really know our American History.  ??? Amazed at how the Genealogical Community is shy of historical information on tracking down the missing pieces.  OOO no not everyone, but we need to get the word out that our history is very important to our research and survival.  

 Younger generations than mine were not given even as much as I was in the 50's regarding our true history and how things began and what was planned and alas…


Added by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on July 6, 2020 at 11:54pm — 1 Comment

Seeking Swedish GG parents

Charlotta Sofia Andersson/Johansson, born Kils, Sweden 21/09/1859

Married Peter Olaf Jonsson Emigrated to US 5/07/1895 then to Canada 1906.Would appreciate help from Sweden.

Added by Victoria F Drader on June 5, 2020 at 8:20pm — No Comments

Seeking a murderer

Hi, I am a Strother descendant trying to chase down a relative. I am particularly wondering about the family of Daniel French Strother, son of French “The Fearless” of VA and Lucy Coleman. I am interested in his son Daniel’s marriage to Frances (Fannie) Thompson and the children, particularly Daniel’s son George French Strother, named for Daniel’s brother Hon. George French Strother, bursar of St. Louis from 1820-1840. Can anyone help me?????

I believe there may be a daughter… Continue

Added by Elizabeth Wickenberg Ely on April 11, 2020 at 4:39pm — No Comments


Mine come from Norfolkshire, Methodists who married CARTER family members from Cheltenham GLOS

Added by Al Dawson on March 28, 2020 at 3:57pm — No Comments

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