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My name is Bruce Bean. Surnames associated with my family are Bean, Segrest, Gilder, Rhymes, Bonds, Mitchell, and Hadnot. Other names possibly associated with my family are Jusong (Juzan) and Siggers, and Eley. I'm writing a book and hope to use the DNA to show how we are all more similar than different. My mtaDNA results are 16001h.

Any help would be appreciated.

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More Info:

My entire family lives in and around Woodville, Jasper, Lufkin, and Corrigan, Tx. This is my great-great uncle He states that my great-great grandfather was owned by Jack Bean but that he was owned by Jim Russell. They seem really connected to Peter Ellis Bean.

As far as I can discern, these are the people who owned my ancestors and the ancestors they owned.

Jacob Segrest Woodville, 

Birth 1809


Wife Martha

John Egbert Bean

Birth: 1793

South Carolina

Wife: Jane Bean


Owned Philip Bean

Philip Bean Jr

JS Russell

Birth 1816


Abe Bean

JP Gilder

Birth 1817

Woodville 1860

Wife SAL Gilder

Owned Iran Gilder

GW Hadnot

Asa Hadnot

Aka: ara hadnot

Birth: 1845


Owned Lutron Hadnot



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