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At 5:47am on September 17, 2009, Jodi Lynn Spade Roessler said…
Gail, I am so sorry to hear you were unwell! I hope you continue to improve! Thank you so much for looking into the info I sent to you. Please let me know if you need any more info or have any more questions for me! Thank you again for being a look-up angel!
At 10:57pm on September 3, 2009, Jodi Lynn Spade Roessler said…
Hi Gail! I saw your post on the Look-Up Angels group. I have an ancestor who lived in the Hagerstown area! This goes way back, so if there isn't much available, I do understand. His name was Conrad Earthenhouse/Artenhouse (though it was originally Bodenhaus or somesuch...). He was a Hessian soldier who deflected and joined the Colonial Army. Conrad was born about May 1755 in Germany. He is listed in the 1790 census of Hagerstown. I believe he was married to a Susanna Adam Fasnaucht (b 2 Apr 1756 in Lancaster Co, PA dau of Johannes Fasnaucht and Juliana Adam). They had 4 known children: Christianna, Elizabeth, Juliana, and John. I do not know when Susanna died, but the family (all but Juliana) migrated to Jessamine County, Kentucky in 1801 in what appears to be a large (possibly church-related) group led by a Reverend Rohrer. Juliana married a David Stover/Stouffer.

I would very much appreciate any information you may be able to find especially on Susanna (proof of marriage would be a blessing! maybe a will?)and her daughter Juliana Earthenhouse Stover. Conrad has a very detailed petition for a pension on file for his role in the Revolutionary War, but for unknown reasons it was denied. He served under General Stevens in the Battle of Cowpens and of Camden, as well as the Battle of Guillford Court House, NC.

Thank you so very much for your offer to be a look-up angel! Whether you can help me or not, I appreciate your willingness to do so!

Lexington, KY
At 11:07am on August 23, 2009, Tawana said…
Hello how are you? I joined this wonderful network on yesterday. I see that you are researching the last name Boyce. I am a Boyce descendant and wanted to say hello!
At 11:01am on July 28, 2009, Sherry Hightower said…

At 4:34pm on July 13, 2009, William S Creager said…

That's great. Thank you so much. I don't mean to sound greedy, but could you also scan the title page of the book too.

Thanks again,

You are great.

At 3:33pm on July 13, 2009, William S Creager said…
I saw a transcript of David's will and you are correct that it does list with his children, Sarah Geisinger. Any change you could attach a copy of that will to an email to me? A copy of the original should be acceptable for the SAR. That could be my first step in proving the line. All that would be need is some proof that Sarah Catherine Levi was married to Frances and that they were the parents of Johanna Jacob.

Email address is
At 8:33am on July 13, 2009, William S Creager said…
Hi Gail,
It's ,me again. I now find out that there is some speculation that Johann Jacob Geisinger's father might have been a Frances Gerisinger 1763-1822 married to a Sarah Catherine Levi 1770-1835. This Sarah Levi perhaps the daughter of David Levi (Levy) 1741-1804. Information now on and I find no proof of any of this.

I did see that David Levy might be listed with the DAR. I most likely order a DAR record copy which should at least confirm his service and maybe his children. Also he had a will which names a Sarah Geisinger with his children. Any suggestions how this information can be proven?

At 1:18pm on July 12, 2009, William S Creager said…
I was aware of the information in Names in Stone, and have actually visited the Mt. Olive cemetery to take pictures. I was not aware of the possibility that their records might have the parents names. Boy, what a missed opportunity. No worries, I'll follow your suggestion and contact the cemetery and see what I can find out. This is the best lead that I have had in years. I am indebted to you and again thank so much for the help.

Your question about Creagerstown is not a silly one at all. Since I had no reason to believe that any of my Creager Klan came from there, I never explored that area. My Creager's were all in the area of Woodsboro, Walkersville and Frederick. Mary Coomb's husband was John William Creager the son of Adam Creager (my Patriot for the SAR). The hope here was that I could find another Patriot through Mary Ann Coombs's father.

The 1840 Frederick County, Maryland Census shows a Ralph Coomes (Spelling close) as head of household. The question presents itself , if this could this be Mary Ann's father ? It is about the right timing but that's all I know.

Ida Celeste Geisinger born 25 Aug 1854 Frederick, Maryland was my great grand mother who married William Henry Creager born 06 Jun 1854 Walkersville, Frederick, Maryland. Ida's father was John "Johann"Jacob Geisinger and her mother was Catherine Sophia Filler. Catherine Filler's great grandfather was John Adam Link Sr. (another one of my Patriots).
I was hoping to find John Jacob Geisinger's father and hope he also had a Revolutionary War connection. If any of my Geisinger information could be of use to you, please let me know.
At 10:34am on July 12, 2009, William S Creager said…
I'm putting you in for Sainthood.

At 8:01am on July 12, 2009, William S Creager said…
Hi Gail,
There are two individuals from Frederick County, Maryland that are dead ends for me. I was wondering if you could take a look at the publications you have to see if you can find something on them.

Mary Ann Coombs, born 31 Aug 1814 Frederick, MD, married John William Creager, 16 May 1847 Frederick, MD and she died 10 Sep 1879 Frederick, MD. Trying to determine who her father was.

John "Johann"Jacob Geisinger, born 09 Aug 1819, Yellow Springs, MD, married Catherine Sophia Filler, 20 Oct 1842 Frederick, MD and he died 06 Dec 1900 in Walkersville, Frederick, MD. Trying to determine who his father was also.

(Note: There was another Jacob Geisinger born in 1800 but who is a totally different individual)

Any help would be appreciated,

At 7:36pm on July 10, 2009, Barbara Bradley Petura said…
Gail, thank you so much. I've been using Ancestry all this time and never knew I could do this. You are so very kind to help me out this with, including the detailed instructions. This is one of my next key steps, so this is truly invaluable. The kindness of genealogists like you is very special.
At 10:28am on July 10, 2009, Barbara Bradley Petura said…
Hello Gail, thanks for your kind note about GEDCOM files from -- and any genealogy software program. So now I have a dumb question: how do you convert information in profiles and family trees into GEDCOM files? I've never seen a button or link for that? Thanks for your help when you have a minute. Barbara
At 1:33am on July 10, 2009, Cindy Johnston Sorley said…
Gail I just wanted to point out the misspelling on Johnstown Group. You have Johnsown




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