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At 4:32pm on August 25, 2012, Tree-Chicago/Polish said…

I just found an old post of yours from 2010 about unknown Pauline married to a Von Hacht.  I am looking for information on Pauline Tetreault who's married name was Von Hacht.  Would like to share info.

At 6:35am on August 14, 2011, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
 That's great, Spirit!   How rewarding.  I'm sure many are indebted to you for your fine work & tenacity you have applied.
At 6:18am on August 10, 2011, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
 Thanks for your imput.  Sincerely wish for you that the difficlut times soon right themselves to a calm & peaceful season.     Shirley
At 6:32pm on August 9, 2011, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
 Hi Spirit!     It's been awhile. My searching worksheets are on the shelf for the time being for other interests, duties & desires in the warm it turns out,HOT & humid all of July.  Anyway, I wanted to connect with you to tell you how apprciative I am that you introduced me to  I've used it alot . I have a question.  How would I downsize a picture to the acceptable size for adding to a person's grave site on  I tried once & was told photo was too large. Appreciate any info you can give me.   Thanks, Shirley
At 7:06pm on January 13, 2011, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
 Hi Spirit, It's taken me awhile to respond. I ordered a film through the History Center..The Latter-Day Saints Church here is Jonesville. They ordered a film (costing only for mailing, $5.50). I viewed the film from Muckton parrish in England. When she ordered it, she said that the film was the closest to Navenby. It was the parrish Muckton...showed nothing. That's the story on the film.  Did I mention before that my husband and I traveled some in Hillsdale county taking many snapshots of family markers. Now I have to find out how I can resize them so they could be added to Cemetery postings.
At 6:05pm on December 7, 2010, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
Thanks for the effort and search but those particular Hunts don't fit; dates or place. This sure is a hard family to piece together. But it gives me something to play with. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.
At 8:01am on December 7, 2010, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
This Genealogical Center that is fortunately located in Jonesville--where I live--is at the Laterday Saint's church. She ( the gal helping me), found a microfilm listed,as can be purchased, from the church and she filled out the form and I paid $5.50 for it. Hopefully, it will show birth or Bap. dates for Richard Hunt and maybe even children born....just maybe. I guess with any ordering of films, it has to be done through a Center. I'll ask. It takes sime weeks before the film is delivered to Center, I'll let you know further about this procedure when I can. I'm crossing my fingers that the film shows something.
At 8:29pm on December 6, 2010, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
Past 2 weeks been I've been hunting grave markers on and have had some success. Also, before it got cold and windy here, tromped around 6-7 Cemeteries to get pictures of my husband's and my family members in Hillsdale county. It's been an interesting time. I even made my introduction in the Historical Center right here in Jonesville. Very helpful and found some info and ordered my 1st film of Church records in England. The rest of the time I've been plugging in name and places in my Tree. Great fun!!!!
At 8:00am on November 19, 2010, Shirley J. Vreeland said…
Fianlly, found where I can thank you for the grave pictures of Richard F. Hunt. I really do appreciate the effort you put out. I'll be working on that family for a long time. Thanks again. Have a Great Day, Shirley
At 7:32pm on July 29, 2010, Michael Baker said…
Unfortunately my great uncle knew alot but he has severe Alzheimers. Janes maternal great grandfather was Thomas Chapman III an Ashford farmer, who joined Thomas Knowlton and Israel Putnahm at Bunker hill, and stayed for 7 months acting as a bodyguard to George Washington.
At 6:05pm on July 29, 2010, Michael Baker said…
I forgot to add that Jane's mother was a Chapman, that is the line I am studying, especially Jane's great grandfather who was at bunker hill.
At 6:04pm on July 29, 2010, Michael Baker said…
Well the I think the whole family was in CT at the time of Johns birth. Jane and her older siblings were born in VT while her younger siblings were born in CT, coincidentally Jane's brother Jonathon the third enlisted in the union army but was discharged due to injury. I think Jane's father, Jonathon JR was a shoemaker so it could be possible there was work in VT.
At 4:08pm on July 28, 2010, Michael Baker said…
Last census I had John and Mary lived in Brooklyn, they were in their 80's. So George could have stayed in Pomfret. I got Janes maiden name of the marriage document, it is Weeks. I actually have Jane getting married and pregnant at 14.
At 4:04pm on July 28, 2010, Michael Baker said…
Here is John Edgar Baker.

I think we are on the same page but I am having the same problems past Eli. I think he made the trip from NY to CT in his 20s, Jane's family went from CT to VT back to CT, Jane was born in VT. I made a mistake my research shows Eli was 27 and Jane was 14 when they got married, roughly the same time John was conceived.

I honestly do not think the Eli from Oswego is the same Eli, it is a different county from my research. I cannot find anything on Jane after Eli was killed.
At 12:29pm on July 28, 2010, Michael Baker said…
Im sorry let me rephrase it. Levi was Johns son and Georges brother. I live roughly 30 mins from pomfret. Also I belive Eli and Jane married pretty quick she was 16 according to the marriage document and he was 28. Jane was also 16 when John was born.
At 11:41am on July 28, 2010, Michael Baker said…
I also forgot to add, John may have been an only child since he was only one listed on the 1860 census and Eli enlisted in 1861. I can tell you George's brother Levi died young at 28 from complications stemming from apendicitis caused but ulcers in his stomach cavitiy. Coicidently my Grandfather was left to be raised by his uncle.
At 11:36am on July 28, 2010, Michael Baker said…
I had guessed Ezra since that was my grandfather and great grandfather's middle name.
But the birth record has Edgar. The Baker line is tricky since there is an Eli Baker in Oswego NY but I doubt it is the same. I am trying to contact Madison County to see what they have. Also I think Jane came from Barnstard, VT because her father Jonothan had property there.
At 5:22pm on July 27, 2010, Michael Baker said…
According to someone else on ancestry the same John had a son name George E. My great grandfather was his brother Levi Ezra Baker. If you want I wrote a manuscript on Eli's unit, and can copy that section.
I do have copies of Johns birth record I need to pick up Eli and Janes marriage record but they did give me the info off the phone.
If you happen to have any pictures of John or George and his family I would gladly trade.

But here is the info I got since Ancestry is being funny.
John Edgar Baker born December 1858 Pomfret, CT
Married Mary L Badger Born 1868 Eastford, CT

Father: Eli Geo. Baker Born 1830 Madison County New York Died Petersburg, Virginia Sept 2 1864

Mother: Jane Henrietta Weeks Born 1843 Vermont

Last census has John Baker in Brooklyn, CT in 1930.

the 1900 Census lists his children as George E, Myrtie and Levi.
At 9:47am on June 3, 2010, Gena Philibert Ortega said…
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