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At 10:00pm on January 3, 2013, Linda Sue Hollingsworth Robbins said…

Sorry I took so long with my answer. I do not believe so. I will look in more detail when I view my family tree the next time. However, I do not recall Elmira Flats in my family tree as a location. Best wishes in your researrch.

At 7:31pm on January 2, 2013, Aline McGintey said…

Jim, We believe my G-Grandfather, John McGinty was in the Civil War, but not sure. My father use to say my grandfather told him John McGinty & a brother worked on the levees, but not sure. We can not find any information on him, just his marriage to Mary Barker, can not find any information on her.Where do you work & would they have any names or info across from where you work? Happy New Year

Aline McGintey

At 2:11pm on January 2, 2013, Jim McBride said…

No, I do not have a connection to Duffy's cut, and unless Beth has a connection to the many McBride's of Kennsington Port Richmond section of the city, in particular St. Anne's parish, I dont have a Beth McBride in the family. Sorry would be nice to make the connection if there is one,

At 12:04pm on December 29, 2012, Clara Joyce Schaeffer Miller said…


 There are Avery on The PAWeb Project.

At 10:56am on December 29, 2012, Clara Joyce Schaeffer Miller said…

No Jim,but I really do not know. Have you tried joyce tice in the PA project.

At 2:24pm on December 28, 2012, Arla Weiss said…

Hello Jim, My Avery ancestors were from Herstmonceaux, Sussex.  The first Avery was Ann Avery who married Richard Eastland in 1722 at Etchingham, Sussex.  I can trace the line to Edward Avery born 1596 at Warbleton, Sussex.  Rhis is farther back than your family- but maybe there is a connection.

Arla Weiss

At 11:33am on December 8, 2012, Bonnie Berg said…

Hi Jim,

In response to your questions about my Raudebaughs: They were in Berks, Pa then moved to Juniata in the early 1830s.  They arrived in Wayne, Ohio in 1838.  I do not believe they are connected with your Raudebaughs, as none of the names in your list are familiar.  It is possible that there is a connection farther back in the mid-1700s but I don't know it.  As for the Native American connection, while many of us have stories of a inner-marriage, my DNA shows strictly European, which was quite disillusioning considering our family legends.  BUT I recently saw a show on the History channel that the Cherokees actually have European DNA, different from other Native Americans.  So all of us who thought we were Cherokees, may in reality have that connection after all!  So much  to learn.  Sorry I haven't been much help on your question.

At 8:40pm on December 6, 2012, Tom Allen Lau said…

Hi Jim,

    Regarding my Radabaughs, my 5th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Radabaugh Powell was born in Berks Co. Pennsylvania in 1787.    They moved to Fairfield County, Ohio.  Her parents were John and Barbara (Werner) Radabaugh.    I'm sorry I can't be of further assistance.   -Tom   

At 2:57pm on December 5, 2012, Ronald G. Heroux said…

Heya, Jim.  Still kicking.  Sending e-mail on other topic.

At 1:41am on December 2, 2012, S. J. Cruse said…

JIm,  Yes I am interested about the CW Soldiers at Gettysburg. MY Great Grandfather David R. Reynolds was a civil war soldier and I would like to join to that group as soon as I make positive he was there. I believe so, but need to varify it I think Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and you all are look forward to a fine Christmas. Suz (Buckeye) Cruse

At 4:48pm on November 30, 2012, Cheryl (Smith) Owens said…


Sounds fascinating. Some experiences of a similiar nature are reported at historic sites here in Texas. The Aloma and Goliad are two that have been written about. Have some Wallace ancestors that lost their lives while serving under the ill-fated Fannin command.

We have re-enactors in the spring here in Texas at Goliad and San Jacinto. Have gone to the candlelight vigil tours at Goliad.

However, the prairies and old frontier forts get me caught up and nearly swept away. Belknap and Griffin are a couple of my favorites.

Know you enjoy your Gettysburg experiences. Shelby Foote made the Civil War come alive. Agree with him regarding going to the sites at the times that actually occurred to get the real sense of what it may have been like such as the foilage, weather and so forth. March seems to be times that stand out.

At 3:33pm on November 30, 2012, Cheryl (Smith) Owens said…


You are the best with the help you have given.

There is a possibility that Peyton served with two of his brothers there as well and they are Charles M. and John W. Bailey. John W. married Matilda Johnson. Matilda was the sister of Selena (Johnson) Smith who was married to J. O. Smith and they were my paternal great-grandparents.


Cheryl (Smith) Owens

J.O. Smith served in the CSA as well but little is known. His name was John "Jack" Owen Smith (1841 - 1911).
 Regiment Name:5th Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry Side:Confederate Company:A Soldier's Rank In: PrivateSoldier's Rank

I have a small lead through the Daughters of the Confederacy having him listed with the intials J.C. opposed to J.O.

At 7:22am on November 30, 2012, Cheryl (Smith) Owens said…


Well done and like the way you approached the Englishman change.

You are talented.


At 3:06pm on November 27, 2012, Cheryl (Smith) Owens said…

Yes - Peyton R. Bailey (1839 - 1914) On August 7, 1861, Peyton enlisted as a Private in the 2nd MS, Infantry, Co. E, and was appointed 2nd Lt. on June 27, 1862. Company E - Calhoun Rifles - Itawamba County: Mustered into State service on 18 February 1861. Captured at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863.
Sent first to Point Lookout, MD, then to Fort Delaware and thence to Johnson's Island, OH. Paroled and sent to City Point, VA for exchange on 3/7/1865. Subsequently paroled at Columbus, MS on 5/17/1865. Capt. Bailey was the brother of John W. Bailey who married Matilda (Johnson). Matilda was the sister of our Selena (Johnson) Smith and David Johnson. Selena was the wife of above mentioned John Owen Smith.

Do you have anymore regarding where he may have been captured? Map?


At 8:06pm on November 25, 2012, Carldine H. (Martin) Van Allen said…

No. It is my daughter-in-law's family. They were from Lamersdorf, Kreis Dren, Koenisgreich, Prueschan. They immigrated in 1848 and settled in Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac, WI

At 1:32pm on October 31, 2012, Robert J. Park said…

Sorry Jim - No Averys so far.  Thanks for the chat invite - I assume you are talking about the Main Room Chat?

At 6:38am on October 16, 2012, Kathleen Dawson said…

Those are two of my interests are genealogy and the paranormal, nice to see them combined. Keep us posted! Thanks.

At 12:27pm on October 8, 2012, Paul Barnett Lee said…

3764 BC..... once you get back into mythological genealogies the people are reported as living many centuries.

At 11:04am on October 8, 2012, Paul Barnett Lee said…

the reason we can go back so far is that we are descended from a French family that was descended from Viking royalty, and they kept records.  The Vikings were descended from Vandals who had intermarried with the Roman imperial family; the Roman lineage is a matter of historical record.  We have reason to believe that our earliest Roman ancestor in this line was descended from the house of Troy.  We then get a link between the Trojans and the Jews, and so we then trace all that line through the Jewish scholars.  Ultimately history gives way to myth, and from that we find our selves descended from Greek, Roman and Jewish divinities!

At 11:28pm on October 1, 2012, William Ronald Burns said…


Our Halstead line comes out of Iowa and Illinois.





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