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Charles Carr

I Charles Carr of the City of Pittsburgh in the county of Allegheny and state of Pennsylvania being reduced by sickness and bodily infirmity but of sound mind an understanding do make this my last will and testament , viz,. I leave and bequeath the following legacies as a testimony of my affection to my relations mow in the county of Donnegall in the kingdom of Ireland to wit. I leave and bequeath to my Brother Bryan Carr Twenty Guineas to my sister Rosey Ten Guineas to my sister Mary Ten Guineas and to each of my sister Marys four children Twenty Guineas viz to Michael, John, Mary, and Nancy Twenty Guineas each making in the whole the sum of One hundred and twenty Guineas.
And further I do hereby constitute and appoint Alexander McClurg of the City of Pittsburgh my heir, and sole executor of this my last will and testament and of all my estate Real, personal or mixed, and it is my request, that after paying all my just debts, and the necessary expenses of my funeral, he will endeavor to pay the before mentioned legacies as soon as possible after my decease to enable him to do so. Thereby empower him to collect and receive the amount of all Bonds, debts, or accounts of whatever description which now is or may be due to me, and to use all lawfull means to compell payment there of in the same manner as I myself would be entitled to do. (was I living) and in particular Thereby empower Alexander McClurg my said executor to use every lawfull means to collect and receive payment for a Bond drawn in my favour by George Heward Esq. And John Osborne Mercht both of this said city of Pittsburgh for seven hundred Dollars together with whatever Interest may have accrued thereon when paid for the amount of which Bond, there has been judgment entered on the Prothorratory Docket in my favour. In wittness of the foregoing being my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of Feb in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred eighteen
Signed Sealed in the presense of us Thompson Huggins , John Campbell

Allegheny County
On the 27th day of February 1818 came Thompson Huggins and John Campbell tow subscribing witnesses to the within will and was duly sworn to the validity thereof.

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