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The WikiChicks Genealogy News Network (WikiChicks GNN), an engaging genealogical news service, has officially launched. “WikiChicks GNN is a new way for genealogists to stay informed of current industry news and relevant stories. By using social media tools we can provide information in a way that allows folks the ability to both read and share it easily with others” said Tami Osmer Glatz, co-founder of the group. “What I like about this concept is that it is a great example of how genealogists can come together, collaborate and make great things happen!” said Eowyn Langholf, co-founder. WikiChicks is different from existing community news services in that it is accessible through many platforms, and news is shared throughout the day, with evening digests of the day’s events created as a single blog posting.

WikiChicks’ goal is to share information of interest to genealogists daily via popular social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Storify.

WickiChicks’ postings combine aggregate information with new content. For those who don’t spend all day perusing social media sites, the team publishes the “Whaddya Miss” posting every weekday evening on the WikiChicks Genealogy News Network blog , This segment includes all the day’s shared links and stories in one place.

Additionally, the WikiChicks team shares regular weekly columns on the blog,  such as Monday’s Muse, a collection of interesting genealogical tips, tricks and stories to motivate you for the week ahead; Tuesday’s ChickTips, featuring websites and resources helpful for research; Wednesday’s Spotlight, sharing personal stories and information about folk’s genealogical journeys; Thursdays Tweets, a collection of the week’s interesting and informative “don’t miss” comments from various genealogists on Twitter; and Friday’s Weekend Warmup, a recount of a few select news stories to get readers “warmed up” and ready to research over the weekend.

The website,, includes the blog, as well as an all-inclusive genealogy calendar of events, searchable by state or event type, such as conferences, webinars, etc.

Who are the WikiChicks?
The WickiChicks began as Eowyn Langholf and Tami Osmer Glatz.  The two met as team members for the collaborative family tree website, WikiTree, where Eowyn is the Forest Elf and Social Media Manager, and Tami is the Playground Manager & Courtesy Counselor (aka Community Assistant).

Tami’s contributions to the genealogy community have included the free Relatively Curious Internet Genealogy Toolbar, and presentations and classes on using the Internet for research while maintaining professional-level genealogical standards and practices.  Eowyn is smart, funny, wonderful, wildly successful working for a major published author & celebrity, and single. She recounts “Tami and I were manning the WikiTree booth at RootsTech, modeling our fashionably orange WikiTree shirts when Genea-Musings blogger Randy Seaver stopped by for a chat.  He took one look at us and said ‘You two must be the WikiChicks.’  We give him credit for the name and now refer to him affectionately as ‘Uncle Randy’”.  

Eowyn and Tami are pleased to announce the latest  contributor  to WikiChicks, author and researcher Gena Philibert-Ortega.  “Gena has been a part of so many aspects of the genealogy community, from her articles for WorldVitalRecords, to her being the genial hostess of the Genealogy-Wise online forums, to her behind-the-scenes research for Genealogy Roadshow, and so much more. Her breadth of knowledge is going to be a huge asset.”

About WikiChicks
The WikiChicks Genealogy News Network (WickiChicks GNN) is a free service that  provides social media posts to help educate and inform genealogists and family historians about news, events and research tips.  The WikiChicks’ GNN team share information of interest to genealogists daily via popular social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Storify.

To have your society or group’s events included on the Calendar, or to share  news and press releases, please email To learn more about WickiChicks see their website at

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