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My grandfather was Samuel Whitlock. He was born in Jackson Co, Missouri in 1878 to Robert and Laura A. Whitlock. He married Lena Marie Frost around 1907. They had 3 children that I am positive of. Sylvester Whitlock born 1908. Carmen Alvesta Whitlock born 1909, and Harold Leonard Whitlock born in 1913. There may have been one other child named Anna Mae. Samuel (my grandfather) was killed in the Athletic mine near Duenweg Missouri in 1917. Grandmother died in June of 1917. All of the children were sent to live with relatives. Sylvester was sent to live with a James Whitlock. Aunt Carmen was sent to live with Luther Whitlock and my father was sent to live with his uncle Bob. He ran away and went to live with his Uncle Luther and Aunt Inez Whitlock. Our family got left out of the family line due to this error. My father had three children by his first marriage. They are Cleo Dewayne, Leo Glenn, and Leonard Frederick. My dad's marriage to my mother, who already had a son, Ronnie Watson was adopted by my dad. They then had me, Atishia Lamar, Tony Keeter, and Tabitha Denell. And we all have children. Plus there are other children of our children not mentioned.

I hope there are other Whitlock's out there that have info. on My grandparents as they are long past. As well as is my father and mother. Please email me any info.    

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