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Urls relating to Searching for Societies- Historical and Genealogical

 I am posting  here some of the Urls shared during my hour + talk at the Lemon Grove Library to assist researchers.

urls shared:#1, state, county, town, court records, and cemeteries etc;

#2 covers Europe and Asia and the link for Mexico was not working last night;

 #3  which has improved their sources tremendously in the last four years

;#4, great sources here;

#5 state archives-,  great resources for midwesterners, fabulous data for New York Researchers,
(I learned Michigan was dominately settled by New Yorkers); 

#6   State Archives, list of states and how to reach them;
#7   Historical Societies with the United States-;
 #8  Genealogical Societies, and I forgot to list this one;;

#9  National Genealogical Society ie NGS,;

#10  New England Historical Genealogical Society, great organization and I belong to it also; 

#11 Federation of Genealogical Societies,;

#12  Do not forget the Computer Genealogical Societies, we have one in San Diego,  The Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego is an association of people using personal computers in the pursuit of their genealogical research.;
# 13   use google for finding a site for your research, it does work,;

 #14   what blogs in your region of research for same name and common interest in research,

#15  Click Follow and follow my teaching blog and my others for more information, 

Do not forget Junior College, State Colleges and Universities for libraries, medical libraries, law Libraries, etc.

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