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Update on Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona

January 22nd and 23rd will find me at the Family History Expo at the Mesa Convention Center. I mentioned previously that I have been asked to attend as a Blogger of Honor. I don't mind giving free publicity to the Family History Expo because I thought the one last year was very well done. I put the Blogger of Honor button and the Family History Expo button on my site and you can find them off to the right. Feel free to copy the Family History Expo button with its link for your own site. As soon as I come up with an idea, I will be having a contest to give away two free tickets to the Expo (courtesy of the Family History Expo, I must add). I will also get a free dinner on Friday night so I can meet and talk with those attending the Expo. Let me know if you have a good idea for a contest.

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