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Unknown Hungarian relative: Picture of the week 6/5/14

On the back of this photo it says "The church where Lajos and others are."   We aren't sure who Lajos or the others are and we don't know where this is located either.

UPDATE: June 10, 2014 

After viewing this picture some very kind soul did some research and found this Brooks House was the Brooks Settlement House in Hammond, Indiana.  I did a quick search and found a Lajos Peto in Hammond.  This may be my great-grandfather's brother! :)

UPDATE: July 27,2014

I stumbled upon my great-great-grandmother's obituary and I now am fairly certain this is my other great-grandfather's brother...Louis (Lajos) Bertalan.  Surviving son Louis Bertalan is listed in the 1947 obituary and we have photo (see 7/27/2104 post) that shows a man with my great-grandfather (Emery Bertalan) and his mother (Elizabeth Szilagyi Bertalan) and some children and on the back it says "A mother and her sons"

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Comment by KP Kris on August 11, 2014 at 10:03am

Found this when looking up your photo.  The results are from your post, but it also has similar images.




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