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I now have two family history blogs (apart from this one):
  • Personal Family History and Family News. This blog, on Wordpress, is a log of our family history research, and also has snippets of information about our family, either family news in the present, or anecdotes from the past.
  • General Genealogy Research: This is a more general blog (on Blogger) on family history and genealogical research, discussing sources and resources, method, technique and theory, including software tools for research.
I started off with with the Blogger one, and then when it weas being revised and changed a lot, and many things were not working, I switched to WotfPress, and closed the Blogger one. But then Blogger became relatively stable again, and so I have recently reopened it, but now use them for different purposes.

If you visit them, you will find that the earlier material (before May 2008) is the same on both, and then it switches to the Wordpress one, and from August 2010 the material has been divided, as described above, into Personal and General

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