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Today I have officially gone to the dogs!

Call it "Dog Days of Summer" or just plain biting off more than I can already chew...I just opened up my grandson's family tree website to the dogs or their ancestral pets.

I have been knocking this idea around ever sense I got the GenBug after I retired from my work in Animal Welfare. The idea, was to provide a place for folks to post their ancestors pet's picture, hopefully with the owner, if not, just the pet will do, I even quietly entered a pet on and quickly removed it when I realized some poor soul would think I had actually added an ancestor whose name was Pat McCurley and would add them to their tree. I wanted to add my pets so badly to my family tree, I actually created a website for my grandsons, so they can have fun with their Nancy's addiction, it has a page of our family tree's ancestral pets and immediate family, it has become such a fun thing, that when my new found HORNE ancestral cousin came to visit us in Texas, she brought Meela (her Dalmatian), who became bosom buddies with Tipper (my chihuahua). They hit it off so big, that they took off on a bike trip to claim their ancestral cousins and amazingly...their collection is beginning to grow. This website is a work in progress for our family, except it has now opened up for the inclusion of Tipper and Meela's ancestors, so if ya'll would like to dig back into your box of pictures that has an ancestor's pet in it, Tipper and Meela have a place for them. I hope that my delving into the animal world through genealogy will entertain you and allow me to go out on a new limb of genealogy...this may not be a new idea, it's just one I had to bring to fruition. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed, genealogy researchers give me some slack and pet owners send me your pics.

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Comment by Nancy Hickman on April 23, 2023 at 8:43am

The link to Ancestral Pets has changed, if you are interested in seeing the pets that are currently there. This is the new link:

Comment by Beth Gatlin on July 24, 2009 at 2:22am
That is such a great idea! After all, we're researching family history, and pets ARE part of the family!


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