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This is my first ever Blog Post, gonna stick my "Big Toe In" and see how it feels, not promising any great quotes or earth shattering remedies that will "warm your heart and soul"...just a few observations now and then about this wonderful new oasis for the Genenewbies that are causing their "Old...Young and New Found Research Friends" to have fits of..."Gnashing their Teeth"..."Pulling Their Hair Out" and for those already gone on..."To Roll Over In Their Graves"...

I'm fairly new at this Genestuff, well one year in as a confirmed geneaddict and it sure does bring back childhood in particular is a song that my Great Uncle Bill (William Eddie Jaynes m. Jewel Shields, date unknown)...get this...I'm learning the lingo...just used the "m" letter to show off their married status...Are Ya'll Gnashing, Pulling or Rolling Over yet??? Anyway he used to play this little ukulele and sing to me as I sat on his knee. It's the Burl Ives little jingle about "There was a Tree and the Green Grass Grew All Around, All Around." I must say, "This is Gonna Be the Biggest Tree I Ever Did See!"...I'm talking about "GenealogyWise" just in case ya haven't figured that out...always been one to "Crow" if I saw something worth "Crowing About"...

And on this tree...there was an unknown cousin...who has become a great geneaddict partner...and the green grass grew all around, all around and the green grass grew all around. By the way...if the "shoe fits" you may wear it! Didn't promise I could sing this may be my first ever and last ever Blog...time will tell...

Oh yes, better make use of my one and only chance to yell out...HELP!!! Looking for Leroy P Gibson born 1822 Tennessee, removed to Missouri around 1830 "when the stars fell" and migrated on down to TEXAS around 1850...can't seem to find him in the 1850 census anywhere...he did marry Sarah "Sallie" Onstott around the year 1842 in either Barry or Jasper County MO, can't find that record either ...need help with the in between time...who is his father and mother, which Gibsons in Tennessee and beyond are him covered after he makes it to Texas. So if your family has any stories of the Gibsons, Onstotts, Vivions, Whites or any other family member that left Jasper County Missouri in the 1850s to "Head on down to Texas" you may be the one that breaks down this "BRICK WALL!"

Lookin' forward to hearing from some of ya'll, your little bit of "Sunshine Down in Texas!" "God I love the sound of that!" Some English Gent over in London called me that, "Wish I could get others to do the same!"

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