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So I've been doing some genie searches for my "adoptive" Civil War people Nathaniel Ross and Gotifred Haffenstein of the 28th WI Volunteer infantry Co. H and Co. B respectfully. The 28th WI website has a compiled a list of the costs of gear that the men needed back then. I've added todays prices for the items I could find being made today that are similar to those of yester year. This how I will show the differences: Then/Now.

During Civil War/Now
Hat 1.65/11.00-50.00
Flannel Drawers .90/$20.00
Feather .15
Knit Drawers 1.04/10.00
Card & Tassel .12/12.95
Socks .32/5.00
Eagle .02
Sewed Shoes 2.05/15.00
Bugle .03/40.00
Pegged Shoes 1.48
Cap .58/10.00
Overcoats 7.50/50.00
Dress Coat 7.00/75.00
Woolen Blanket 3.25/40.00
Infantry Pants 2.50
Rubber Blanket 2.48
Cavalry Pants 3.65
Rubber Poncho 2.75
Flannel Sack Coats, Unlined 2.35
Knapsack Complete 1.85
Flannel Sack Coats, Lined 3.12
Haversack, Plain .33
Flannel Shirts 1.53
Haversack, Painted .48
Knit Shirts 1.28
Cantons, Painted .41

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