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The Douglas/Douglas-Willan/Willan connection

I have been working with others in an attempt to unravel some of the missing bits in the links between the Douglas and Willan families.

There are two major links:
Colonel Frank Willan married Louisa Marguerita Douglas, daughter of Captain Charles Robert George Douglas, late 32nd Bengal Light Infantry (Killed Dehli, 1847) and Louisa nee Robinson, both grandchildren of Major General Robert Douglas.
Thomas Willan, a stagecoach proprietor, left Twyford Abbey and estate to his daughter, Isabella Maria (died 1862, aged 73) who married John Kearsley Douglas, son of Lt General Robert Douglas, Royal Artillery. The took the name Douglas-Willan.

Does anyone in this group have a Douglas-Willan in their tree?

We do not know anything about the two generals. Does anyone recognise them?

I have placed the story online, and ask that if you have time you take a look and let me know if you can help withe errors and omissions. I would be most grateful.

You can find it at

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