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The "Do List"; My New Year Resolution Concepts.

Here it is January 4, 2012, and I'm blogging about my new years resolutions. That might seem late and may even seem strange, since one of my resolutions is to end procrastination. Please bear with me as I explain the reasons.

Resolution Concepts

1.    Do less.

2.    Do more.

3.    Do nothing.

4.    Do it now.

5.    Do for others.

6.    Do for myself.

7.    Do it in order.

8.    Do the math.

These are the key concepts. Now let me explain in detail.

1.     The concept here is that I take on too many task at one time, overload myself, and eventually give up. I resolve to choose my projects carefully and not take on more than I can handle. It may seem like I'm doing less, but that brings me to concept number two.

2.    By being more selective in my projects I will be able to complete more projects instead of having more unfinished work. That way I can accomplish more.
3.    I will resolve to take time out for myself. Everyone needs time to do nothing at all, or at least no structured tasks every now and then. This should allow me to refresh, recharge, and work at ideas in my head with no set schedule or deadline. (you might want to read an earlier blog post of mine entitled "whatever happened to loafing?". You can find it here.
4.    Do it now ties in with concept number two. By taking on tasks without overloading, I hope to tackle one task at a time and work on it immediately. (This also ties in with eliminating procrastination.)

5.    Doing for others means giving selflessly both of knowledge, time, abilities. It should be something that we all do. I'm  just formalizing the idea as a resolution concept.

6.     Doing for myself also ties in with concept three, taking "me time". It also means not working so hard or giving so much that there's nothing left to sustain me.

7.    Doing it in order means prioritizing. I've already done that by not pushing myself to blog my new years resolutions on January 1. There were other things of higher priority that need doing.

8.    Doing the math means laying things out on paper to consider the costs, both in time and money. It also means laying out a "roadmap" of what I hope to do. This allows me to both plan and prioritize, and help to stamp out procrastination

I don't have goals of specific things in this list and that is on purpose. My January priority is to take these eight concepts and internalize them. The last week in January I'll review my progress and start to write more specific tasks.

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