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Yesterday I gave a presentation to one of the local chapters of the DAR, or Daughters of the American Revolution for short. If you’re not familiar with the DAR, there are chapters all over the country (as well as other countries) of women who can trace their direct lineage to someone who served in the Continental Army or gave material aid to the cause of freedom in the American Revolution. This organization is committed to preserving patriotism, preserving American history, and securing the future of American education.

There were about 35 women at the meeting, in a back room of a local barbecue spot. They’ve outgrown the venue so yesterday was their last meeting there. Next month they will be moving somewhere larger and by all accounts, much more in line with a meeting hall. This is a small chapter mind you, but there were women of all ages and I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment to exploring and preserving the past. It’s amazing to think that all over the US, women like this are meeting in homes, restaurants and hotel meeting rooms to recognize each other and further the organization’s goals.


The photo (right) is Debbie Carlson, the chapter president. You will notice the amazing collection of flair on her sash. Debbie’s been involved in DAR for 12 years and as you can tell, has been extremely active as both an attendee at events and as a leader. She definitely had the most flair on of anyone at the meeting.

I gave a presentation that lasted about 45 minutes on the importance of taking time to capture the stories in one’s family and preserve the photos and memorabilia that has been passed down from previous generations.

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