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SPRING, is it approaching, just slowly, slowly, slowly.  It is 77 Degrees and the change is so drastic  I feel out of sync.

Planted the 3 plants for the garden in pots, one will need moved to larger pot when I locate what I am going to toss that is no longer producing.  These plants are for the Butterflies and Hummingbirds we encourage in our yard. WE lost one of these 2 years ago. 

The Cherry tree is like my genealogy. It is budding on branches and needs attended to.  

So today I went to to look at my tree there. I am so unhappy with what Ancestry has done I have no idea what to say. It was bad enough they dropped and brought back part of the tree in wrong spots some time back but now

it shows 1 child but not the other 5 nor can I figure how to add them back because it says they are already there.  Really, then I need to see them where they belong. I was attempting to add some new very important information I had found to back up the data already given.  I like to have at least 4 or 5 back up data for a person. Deeds, Wills, Probates, Census, Church, Military, Town Council Minutes, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Divorces, Injuries, Court Orders etc.

Seeing the one Rhubarb plant is functioning the other one looks very lost.  I had three, grrr.  Blueberries are loaded with blooms.  It is so like my genealogy right now.  Either progress is being made or backsliding is happening.

Do I take the tree down and start over after more than  10 years or just pull the plug and do something new. This is the second time this tree has been damaged by the powers that be.

Have a Great St. Patrick's Day Everyone.  

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