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Thought I would mention this as I have found some instances where folks say the spelling of surnames and place names are not correct and can't be their ancestor. But when you go back in time and folk learnt to write they all wrote the words phonetically, i, e, o and y can all be transposed. Gibbins, Gibbons, Gybbons, Gebbens. etc. So keep an open mind and think about the local dialect, the speaker may have a cold, or a lisp!! In old wills and documents you will often find the same name with a variety of spellings.

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Comment by van maarseveen on April 14, 2011 at 8:21am

Sorry Christine, no reaction to your blog entry. I'm just someone who found something in the attic with reference to the Gibbins family and although I just want to alert people with that family name, it's hard for me to get through!

It's about the following

The back page of an old book I found in my attic had 10 members of the Gibbins' family mentioned. The first one, John Gibbins born Oct 10 - 17?? (not legible), then Mary 1801, Emily 1803, George 1805, Sophia 1807, Lucy 1809, stillborn boy 1810, Hennery 1812, William 1813, Thomas 1815. All of them have the day mentioned that they were christened as well. Anyone interested?



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