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In my frequent visits to the New FamilySearch Website, I find that one or
another of my many, many relatives has added yet another set of birth
dates or death dates to one of my grandfathers, great-grandfathers or
great-great-grandfathers (or grandmothers). These regular additions to
the existing information in New FamilySearch would not be nearly so
disturbing except that almost uniformly the new entries are inaccurate
and incorrect. This constant flow of incorrect additions to the
program, points out one of the most frustrating aspects of New FamilySearch;
the lack of an efficient way to correct data submitted by others and to
communicate the correct information. You can, of course, correct any
mistakes in the data you entered yourself, but information submitted by
other users is locked and can only be changed by convincing your
relatives to do the correcting themselves. In my family, some of the
individuals have nearly 300 separate submissions and dozens of
variations in names, dates and places. Even thinking about correcting
this mess is overwhelming.

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