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I was able to obtain a copy of the original application which my grandmother filled out when applying for Social Security. As I expected, It confirmed which date was accepted by the SS administration, but was of little other value. Did it contain the truth? That was what I needed to know. And if it was a lie, when was the lie first told? This brings me to another document that was supplied by one of my aunts. Apparently, what was found in the old bible was a letter that my grandmother herself had written to one of her aunts on July 24, 1927. I give the letter in the same form as it was given to me. I will interpret it in a later post.

Townly Alabama

July 24, 1927

Dear Aunt Mattie
I will answer your sweet letter was so glad to hear from you. I have
often longed to see my people but as you say I knew nothing about them.
I have been living out on a farm near Haleyville ALA about 9 or 10
years. I came to Townley the 11th day of June to live with Dad.
The people whom I did live with were Stanfords, I am 18 years old ever
one says I'm just like Mother.
My little Baby Brother Elbert is dead been dead a long time.
Minnie and Alta are both married. I saw Minnie the 4th of July. She
came up here she lives in Dora Ala.
I haven't seen Alta in about 11 years. I am the only single child living.
2 are married.
Dear I'd be so glad to come to see you but I don't see how I can come
now. It take money and clothes to travel you know and of course I'll
have to wait until I can get them. Don't know when that will be for work
is so bad here. But I will try to come to see you some day. I wish you
would come to see me.
Sister,(looked like listeu,) send me your picture also your children and
husband For I don't have any of my relatives pictures scarcely,
(scarcey,) I'll have some made as soon as I can and send you one of mine
if you want it.
I will close don't guess you can read this.

Your Loving Niece

Lena Melhorn

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