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  With the Passage of Time


  With the Passage of Time, we pray  God will take away our pain. With the passage of time we trust we will learn to 

  Trust God more.  The passage of time means things are going to change we must look forward to the change.

  To look back is to defeat the purpose of the change. To have good memories is a good thing. Look forward to '  

  remembering the good things. Let God have the bad memories and help you move forward.


  Death is a time of celebration, but alas we do not feel it.  Something tells me we are not looking at it in the right 

  way.  I keep trying to look forward and not go sliding backwards.  The clock is truly ticking and we do not know

  how long we will be here.  We should not waste time, regretting things we can not change. O to be able to 

  accept what we can not change and to look toward the light of the future.


  Death just keeps knocking on our doors and we should probably be out in the street dancing for the future of our souls.

  We should be celebrating the moving to the other side,  But today my heart is heavy for another death has taken away

  more family.  Shame on me for not celebrating.  Remembering God never gives us more than we can handle, If it is 

  more then you are to give it to God it is not ours to deal with. 


  To all my family and friends whom have lost some one this week, I pray we can look at this as a time of celebration.

  Celebrate. C E L E B R A TE, SING, Dance and say songs of praise. 

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