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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Father's Mother's Father's Name

  My father was Ray Dee Jones born in Iowa died in Santa Rosa, CA. His  mother was Victoria Mae Foulk born in Iowa and died in Cheyenne, Wyo.

  Her father was Harvey Edward Foulk b 1867 in Illinios and died ??? no one knows.  He may have run away, he may have been murdered. Many stories and I have yet to find proof of any of it.

   His father was William Henry Foulk b 1846 Somerset Co. PA died 4 Jan 1940 Cedar Township, Blackhawk Co., IA

was a conductor on 1889 census. His wife was his relative. Foulk/Myers

   His father was Peter Foulk Jr b 25 Jan 1804 Perry co. PA died 13 August 1885 Blackhawk Co. IA

   His father was Peter Foulk Sr  b 1773 June Berks Co. PA, d 4 April 1823 Rye Township, Perry Co., PA

   His father was John Folk b ? probably Pennsylvania died 1793 Greenwich, Berks Co. PA.  He served in Rev War with a  NJ unit. Born probably around 1743??? 

    I have his Will. I have data on his wife and children that moved to Cumberland Co. after his death which later became Perry Co. PA.  Actually was but not recorded that way.  

    Most researchers feel that  Peter Folk was the father of our John Folk. I have not found data to completely confirm that yet it is possible.

    Yes all data is verified unless otherwise stated. Grandpa Harvey may become a book someday. Ask.

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