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While reading through Randy Seaver’s blog “Genea-Musings” I decided that I would try the Saturday Night Genealogical Fun challenge and google myself. A little ego boosting here.
Well what a novel experience. My face book page appears- no surprise there. Also my blog posts on Genealogy Wise - that was quick. Posts from my own blog “The Hillman’s of Elgin County”- again no big surprise.
Googling William Bruce Hillman comes up with 56,600 matches while googling just William Hillman results in 14.800.000 matches. No surprise here either since my family seems to be rather unimaginative when it comes to choosing Christian names - William and John pretty well covers it.
What did come as a surprise were quotes from my 1974 M.A. thesis on J.J.Morrison who was a prominent figure in the United Farmer’s of Ontario. A farmer’s political party that briefly held power in Ontario from 1919 to 1923. As it happens I re-read that thesis recently and my conclusion was that I need to get busy and re-write that thing . Now I am convinced that I had better get a move on.

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Comment by Unknown Ancestor on July 20, 2009 at 2:04am
Sounds like too much actually work for a Saturdau fun night.
Make popcorn, and enjoy one of the top 40 films mentioned in my Group for genealogists.




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