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San Diego County Genealogical Society meeting summary by Colleen Fitzpatrick "The Forensic Genealogist".

A frequent visitor to our genealogical society, Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD came to set the scene of her story with a combination of logic and humor. I always enjoy hearing her speak. It was a story of mystery and intrigue. One man with a mysterious past and two families who were descended from him. She combined modern DNA research with tried and true genealogy research methodology. She was searching for current descendants using the Census, City Directories, the phone book, electronic databases as well as her classic dogged determination.

In addition to cracking those tough family mysteries as the "Forensic Genealogist" Colleen also frequently speaks about DNA and genealogy and photo identification. For more information see her website: Colleen taught me to look at a research problem from several different angles when I hit the brick wall in my searches. I admire her determination and gumption.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Colleen Fitzpatrick although I am a fan.

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