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Privacy, Identity Theft and Genealogy -- Privacy, an issue?


The purpose of this series is to highlight the real privacy and identity theft concerns associated with genealogy. In my first post in this series, I explained that the danger from identity theft has been dramatically overblown in the media. For example, it is twice as likely that you will have your wallet stolen, than to have a problem with identity theft via the Internet. This post continues with a discussion of privacy.

Privacy... What is really private and what is not.

Because genealogists research personal family matters, it may not be obvious, but they should be concerned about privacy and privacy laws. With the access to large online databases, people compile information about their family and then put that information online, sometimes in completely public Websites. As a genealogist, it is a good idea, before "sharing" private information, that you have some basic ideas about the privacy laws in the jurisdiction where you live.

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