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Photo management software for genealogists

Genealogists are no different than any other computer user who wants to store photos or scanned images on their computer system, but they may have a greater need to specifically identify the images.
Fortunately, there are dozens of programs, some of which are free, that
can help organize images. One issue that arises immediately is the need
to maintain image associations. As one commentator wrote recently, she
had an old picture album from a relative and wanted to maintain the
relationship among the photos. I handle that problem in a number of

When I scan a photo album, I scan the entire album page first to show how the photos were originally situated. Then I scan the individual photos or, depending on the
quality, simply make multiple copies of the page and then crop each copy
to each photo. By scanning or digitally photographing the entire page
first, I maintain the overall relationship of the items in the physical
album. In addition, I name the photos with a name that I use to
represent the album. This keeps the photos together in one set.

Additionally, any number of image management programs maintain “albums” or collections of images in whatever order they are designated. There are several free programs, the
most useful one being Google's Picasa. Picasa will search your hard
drives for any images and then put them in order by date or file name.
If I scan documents into a folder with a date, all of those images will
appear in the same folder in Picasa. I can then view the images in the
same order and with the same relationships as scanned or downloaded.


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