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Oooooooops - I didn't mean it like THAT

I was just on the phone to one of the largest cemeteries in the State, talking to the Gate House guard who handles deceased searches, and what do you know I did an oopsie! I said I was looking for a person called Abadee, died 1965 and according to gossip, not fact was buried at Fawkner. Now her husband Henry was definately there, I could find him on their web site, but her, nup! So he asked me her name and I said "I'm looking for a Fanny!" ............... hmmmm! He laughed, and so did I, back peddling very fast, going "oh, no, I didn't mean it like that, her NAME was Fanny!" The things you say without thinking. End of the story is she remarried, and I found her under her 2nd husbands name, but still. What makes me laugh more is the fact that in America the fanny is a persons backside, but in Australia it's a woman's front side, so hmmm very not the thing to say. Also funny my Nan's nickname for me was Fanny. I miss being called that by her! Just goes to show, you should be careful how you phrase things on the phone and on the net. Oh well, I'll know better next time!

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