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New Year is Coming, Are Your Goals Set

Oh yes,  in the middle of all your hectic paced days, you should be thinking of January and what your Genealogical, Family Goals will be. You can do this mentally but make sure you write it down so as you do either a large goal or small you can cross sit off and feel more fulfilled at the end of the year.

Why you ask?  Because have goals propels you to accomplish more and possibly be more organized.  

You can set them via the month or the  quarter or for the year?   I have found some can be year setting and most should be done in smaller doses so you can have a better grasp of how well your accomplishing them.

Actually working on the goals now may give you ideas of things you would like to receive as a gift this year.

Do you need more folders, binders, protector sleeves? Printer Paper, Photo Paper, ink for the printer all can be small items to a large item under the tree.

Being blessed with a young grandson who gave me quite a gift last year of: 2  types of Photo paper, a ream of paper, large packet of sleeves ( acid free), acid free pens and photo pencil.  I have used this gift all year.  

Of course the ream of paper went first, then the acid free pens but the other items I am still using. But it was a super gift and thought maybe you could share that with your family because maybe they can not afford a big gift but wow, what ream of paper or packet of photo paper can do to make your day.

 See I set the goal of copying a photo album and knew I was going to need most of those supplies. 

 Best Wishes for setting your Goals.

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