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So those of you who read my blog posts on the extremely rare occasion that I post them probably know that my great grandma and grandpa Boone were supposed to have something shipped over on the Titanic but for whatever reason wasn't which prompted a family trip to Belgium. Well recently I was doing some reading on the Titanic and I discovered that there were HOYT's on board the ship! William Fisher Hoyt and Frederick Hoyt and his wife. As far as I can tell William and Frederick are distant cousins who had no idea that they were related and just happened to be traveling on the same ship in the same class...first. Frederick and his wife were able to get onto collapsible D...the very last boat to successfully get away before Titanic went under. William however either jumped or fell off the ship. He was pulled out of the water and into lifeboat 14 the only boat to come back for survivors. He unfortunately died of his injuries on the Carpathia was the first victim to be pronounced legally dead.

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