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I've finally done it. After many years of collecting information about my family tree, I have once again attempted to put it on the internet. I didn't simply upload a gedcom file. I actually created the site page by page. I do not have everyone in my Legacy file on the site yet, but it's a start. I even scanned a few photos of my grandfather and linked a photo gallery page to his individual page. I've yet to link all of his siblings but mother and father are linked as well as his spouse, my recently departed grandmother.

It's because of my mother and my grandfather that I got involved in genealogy in the first place. My grandfather was a proud man and would often boast of our Mayflower heritage. My mother started researching another line and of course I wasn't interested at that time. I was curious and started finding out some information online and my mother handed all of her research over to me. She included research that others had sent to her and I started plugging away, adding pieces to the puzzle. I could never get anything in a form where other family members could see what I had compiled.

I'll need to complete the "Contact Us" page so family members and other researchers can correct and add to this research. That shouldn't take me too long. It's a very simple site, there are no bells and whistles. It's neat and legible. I've only one ad on the front page. Please don't think of me as being horrible, it's the badge for Genealogy Wise.

I put in about 12 hours of work today on this site. I would love for my new friends here at Genealogy Wise to take the first peek at my first draft. Please keep in mind I am looking for the plain and simple look. It is in greyscale, much like the old photographs we all find in shoe boxes under our grandmothers bed. You can view the site at I look forward to hearing your comments.

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Comment by Cynthia Perkins Beheiry on November 12, 2010 at 8:34am

First, I would like to thank you for reading my blog post. Second, thank you for commenting. This is exactly what I wanted from my new friends here.

I think I opted for a page-by-page build because it would take more time to ensure that the information is correct. I can also double check what I have in my main research file. I can double check for what documentation I have on the individual. I currently have 1500 individuals linked in my file. I do not have proper documentation on each individual. They would not appear on the site. Another option would be to put them on a mystery page to let others know that we are trying to prove or disprove the connection.

Currently, my rules for a new individual to be “added” to the site, they must be linked to the existing line. How would any of us link a person to our line? We would need some kind of documentation and not merely a distant cousin saying this person is related. I would also need the same kind of “proof” to make a change.

I do see your point in the case of an error. However, if I stick true to my rules of adding or correcting, would I save some work?
Comment by William Douglas on November 12, 2010 at 4:39am

I wonder why you have opted for a page by page build for your website? Using this system, you will begin to encounter problems as your family tree grows. For example, if you discover more accurate information about one person, this needs changing on every page on which that person appears. Currently, if you change something on Legacy, it will change on every page.

Lets say 'Joe' proves to be short for Jonathan and not Joseph, then that needs to change on his page, his parents' pages, his wife's page and his children's pages.

I understand that you have already put a lot of work into your site, but you want that to decline once it is up and running.

However, I do understand that if you have a photograph of Joe on his farmstead, coming home from war, with his first car, child and grandchild, then you want to be able to develop that page, but there are ways around that.

I also understand why you might not want to use the Legacy web pages. I don't either!

Best wishes,





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