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My Haley/Healy/Healey Line of Descent

1. Gladys Viola Healey (3 Oct 1898, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA- 21 Dec 1998, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA) married Elmer John Shinn, they were my great-grandparents. She was the daughter of:
2. Lauren Everett Healey (27 Aug 1873, Newark, Alameda, CA- 11 Feb 1959, Santa Clara Co., CA) and Kathryn Nielsen (25 Nov 1875, Mt. Eden, Alameda, CA- 12 Mar 1918, Alameda, Alameda, CA. He was son of:
3. Comfort Gordon Healy/Healey (28 June 1838, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, CAN- 20 Apr 1910, San Francisco, SF, CA) and Mary Gertrude Mott (8 Sept 1852, Benicia, Solano, CA- 27 July 1927, San Francisco, SF, CA). Son of:
4. Ebenezer Haley/Healy (11 Mar 1801, Chebogue, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, CAN- 7 Dec 1897, Newark, Alameda, CA) and Mary Lee Scott (Feb 1809, Nova Scotia, CAN- 25 Jan 1893, CA). He was son of:
5. Comfort Haley (ca. 1758, Brimfield, Hampden, MA- 13 May 1821, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, CAN) and Mrs. Hannah Ellis Tinkham (4 Feb 1765, Yarmouth, NS, CAN- 17 Jan 1862, Yarmouth, NS, CAN). Son of:
6. Ebenezer Haley (21 Jan 1709/08/or 07, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA- 14 Feb 1777, Chebogue, Yarmouth. NS, CAN) and Grace Bullen (13 Oct 1727, Brimfield, Hampden, MA- ca. 1790, Chebogue, Yarmouth, NS, CAN)

The Haleys were New England Planters and I believe the Ellis' were too as well as the Hiltons (Mary Lee Scott's mother's family), and the Scotts. Not much is known about the Bullens, though I have heard rumors that the name was originally Boleyn and that they were related to THAT Boleyn family. The Motts were an old Long Island family and my Motts went to Mexico in the 1830s. Mary Gertrude Mott's father worked for the American Consul in Mazatlan as well as the Pacific Steam Co. as a merchant and businessman. He was ruined by the Mexican War and relocated to California where Mary Gertrude was born. Kathryn Nielsen family was Danish from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and came to the US around 1870. The Shinns are descended from the original Burlington Co., New Jersey Shinns. Like the Haleys, my Shinns came to California during the Gold Rush and when they didn't strike rich, they decided to farm with the Haleys (by now Healys) settling in Newark, Alameda, CA and the Shinns in San Joaquin Co., CA)

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Comment by Leah on July 24, 2009 at 10:30pm
Hi Heather,
I actually knew most of that information on Grace Bullen but I've seen contradictory things over the years which make me take it with a grain of salt. Lately I've been trying to tie the family to the Boleyns but am not having much luck so I don't put a lot of stock into that rumor... Thanks for trying to help though,

Comment by Heather Wilkinson Rojo on July 24, 2009 at 7:18pm
I am also a Haley/Healey descendant. Here is Grace Bullen's ancestry:

Parents: John Bullen b. 22 Feb 1685/6 Sherborne, Massachusetts d. 28 Jan 1757 Brimfield, Massachusetts married on 31 Aug 1709 at Sherborne to Sarah Underwood b. 9 Feb 1686/7 at Watertown, Massachusetts d. 18 Sep 1757 at Brimfield.

Grandparents: Ephraim Bullen b. 18 Jul 1653 at Sherborne and d. 1690 married about 1680 to Grace Fairbanks b. 15 Sep 1663 at Lancaster, Massachusetts d. 11 Aug 1689 at Sherborne.

Joseph Underwood b. abt 1650 at Watertown d. 7 Apr 1690 at Dorchester, Massachusetts married to Elizabeth Unknown.

Great Grandparents:
Samuel Bullen b. abt 1622 at England d. 16 Jan 1691/2 Medfield, Massachusetts married on 10 Aug 1641 at Medfield to Mary Morse b. bef 13 Aug 1620 at Regrave, Suffolk, England d. 14 Feb 1687/8 Sherborne.

Jonas Fairbanks b. 6 Mar 1624/5 Dedham, Massachusetts d. 10 Feb 1675/6 Lancaster (Indian attack) married on 18 May 1658 at Lancaster to Lydia Prescott b. 15 Aug 1641 at Watertown d. 31 Dec 1723 at Watertown.

Joseph Underwood b. abt 1614 England d. 16 Feb 1676/7 Watertown married abt 1644 at Hingham to Mary Wilder b. abt 1623 Shiplake, Oxford, England d. 16 Dec 1658 Watertown.

Great Great Grandparents:
Samuel Morse b. Abt 12 Jun 1576 at Boxted, Essex, England d. 5 Apr 1654 at Dedham, Massachusetts maried on 29 Jun 1602 at Redgrave, Suffolk, England to Elizabeth Jasper b 8 Oct 1578 at Redgrave d. 20 Jun 1655 at Redgrave

Jonathan Fairbanks b. abt 1594 at Thornton, Yorkshire, England d. 5 Dec 1668 at Dedham m. 20 May 1617 at Halifax, Yorkshire, England to Grace Smith b. 6 Jan 1590/0 d. 28 Nov 1673 at Dedham

John Prescott b. abt 1694 at Standish, Lacastershire, England d. 20 Dec 1681 Lancaster marreid on 11 Apr 1629 at Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire to Mary Gawkroger b. 15 May 1607 Halifax, Yorkshire, England d. after 1678 at Lancaster

John Underwood and Rachel Edwards

Thomas Wilder of Shiplake, Oxford, England m. Jan 1618/9 in England to Martha Higgs

You can find a good copy of the Prescott/Gawkroger line on the web or in a good history of Lancaster. The Prescott line goes way back in history. Samuel Bullen Resided at Redgrave and Burgate, Suffolk, England, and at Watertown, MA (1635), Dedham, MA (1636), and Medfield, MA (1651). Samuel was a signer of The Covenant of Dedham, MA, in 1636. A husbandman, Samuel embarked Apr. 15, 1635 on the 'Increase' bound from London to New England, together with wife, son Joseph, and granddaughter Elizabeth DANIEL (age 2). Member of First Church at Dedham, MA; freeman Oct. 8, 1640. Will dated Dec. 2, 1654, with estate inventoried Dec. 5, 1654 at £124.7.0. Married Jun. 29, 1602, Redgrave, Suffolk, England. He settled Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts6 September 5, 1636; Signed Dedham compact. (Dedham Historical Register) In Dedham lived on lane leading out of Philip Street near S. St. 1641; Took freeman's oath. House built in Medfield, Mass before 1651, as proprietor and one of first settlers of Medfield. First tenant on Captain Hull's farm. Home buildings burned by Indians before 1679, and for a time he lived with Mary's brother Daniel Morse in Sherborn, Mass. In 1679 he petitioned for losses in the Indian devastation and moved back to Medfield where he rebuilt. This new house stood until after 1798. Besides other outlands, he also owned property on E. side of Mt. Nebo in the region known as Goudy. (History and Genealogies of Medfield) He had the 1st gravestone erected at Medfield, Mass.; " In memory of Deacon Samuel Bullen who died January 1692 aged 70 years. He was 1st European who settled in this town with a family." The tombstone was erected by his descendants about a century after his death. (History and Genealogies of Medfield) June 24, 1697, estate divided - agreement signed by children and grandchildren




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