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I have never blogged before but have been a stalker on many sites. I am hoping to use this blog as an accountability tool for my own research. My goals for this summer are to find proof one way or the other that my husband's Mathieu ancestor Michel Mathieu, who came to the US from Canada in the 1860s is descended from Joseph Mathieu and Marie Papillon. I have heard that his parents are listed on his death certificate, but would like to find other more direct sources.

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Comment by Jay'me Helen Boughner on July 9, 2009 at 11:40pm
Hi Randy...I have a file that is 151 pgs long and think that maybe Mathieu in it but will look to try and confirm that. Will let you know one way or the other. My family has much history in Quebec and I am only the third generation to be born in US (although there are many more now). My great grandparents spoke only french when they came to Michigan from Canada. I have another file shared with me by my cousin that is 501 pgs long, so many names. I will look and let you know.
Jay'me boughner
Comment by DearMYRTLE on July 9, 2009 at 7:56pm
GREAT 1st blog entry, Randi! Sounds like you are a good genealogist -- looking for more direct evidence of Joseph Mathieu's parents. Good luck with your research.


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