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Mrs. SOULE Oliver Lee Henderson, b1899 W-S NC, b CLT NC

What is her Soule lineage? She was born after the book "Lee Family of Virginia" by Edm. Jennings Lee, Esq., was published listing her older siblings; Charles Carter Lee, of Rocky Mount, N.C., LtCol Robert Henry "Marse" Lee b1890, West Point classs of 1912; and Mrs. Lillian Virgina Woollen Lee. Their youngest sister, Mrs. Lillim Elizabeth "Muttie" Woollen Lee, reared her twenty years younger sister, Ruby Valerie "Tee" Woollen (Miller), b1885, my grandmotherr. Lillian's Husband was book salesman Henry Lee, son of Carles Carter Lee of "Windsor", Powhatan Co.,Va.; Gen. Robt. Edw. Lee, Sr's older brother.Widowed, Lillian wed Mr. Williford, and died 1920 Jacksonville, Fla., and is buried Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte. N.C. Her parents, Sgt. Janes Anderson Woollen, CSA musician, is buried with a CSA flag on his stone. and says enlisted Co. C, 45th NCT, Greensboro. His wife was Susan Caroline Malcolm, daughter of Pvt. James Landreth Malcolm, CSA musician who served with Sgt, Woollen. His unmarked grave is allegedly next to, or near, Sgt. Woollen''s. Seek Soule connection? Jim Miller, Southpoprt, N.C.

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