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  Since women could not vote for a very long time in our current society, I want to ask you, "Do You Vote"?

  Some blogging people on Facebook today on the far east coast were mentioning the young and some of the very old whom have trouble attempting to get to the polls and vote on meaningful subjects or even caring.  

  Decided that  voting was my topic for today.  Does your family or did your family keep you informed of voting practices and topics that would affect their lifestyles?  Thereby you would have a somewhat reason of understanding why you should vote.

  Voting was not something women could do for a long time.  My family were always Patriotic, we flew the flag on certain days, we worked at the polls, we voted.  We were reminded that when we were eighteen we had to go register to vote.

It was something that was to be done with out argument or ugly faces. 

  Did you get to vote in an election the first year you signed up?  Did your voted for person win or lose?  Knowing that winning and losing is important but the most important is exercising the right to vote which our forefathers fought so hard to have happen.  

   When one does not go to the polls or mail in a ballot the person is not doing his American duty to help keep the people of this country free. They do not help to shape the outcome of many of the events that take place that just a little extra nudge may sway the event.  

  If your turning 18 make sure you go down and register to vote, exercise your right as an AMERICAN and let your opinion be known.  Sure it is tied to thousands of others opinions but at least your able to give that opinion.

  Try to not ever miss a vote, you can vote absentee ballot, you can ask a neighbor to help you get there. The military makes concessions for their personnel so truly few should ever miss their right to vote and exercise it.

   Our children and grandchildren have been taught the same, voting is a right our forefathers earned for us. Please do not ignore this right.


  Politics may not be of interest to you but what they (politicians) do effects our lives from that day forward.

  It messes with taxes, all taxes and now days our medical, our future for inheriting or sharing, even the clock changing which is not a natural.  it affects many things in our lives.

  Prisons and prisoners and almost everything we do.  I keep hearing Washington trying to charge us for using a computer and the internet. So your cell phone will have added fees etc.


  Wishing everyone the best and I truly hope you voted on this day and each time you can vote.

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