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I tried to type this in my "status" area on my page, it said, "why are you stopping by?" but you are limited to 140 characters, So I posted it here. I haven't been to GeneaologyWise in months but.....

I heard that my friend Debbie Anne Jackson had been "disappeared" and I just had to look for myself.

Not only is she gone but all our correspondence is gone, I see the groups that she started were very carefully edited so that they could stay.

It is very spooky and Orwellian, she is now an "unperson", I feel like I could disappear just for typing her name.

Well back to work, gotta pay the mortgage.

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Comment by Sue Pearson Greichunos on July 31, 2010 at 3:03am
Randy, you can find Debbie on Facebook! (Btw, your group on the Dutcher family line piqued my interest because I personally know some Dutcher family members here in NW Indiana. I intend to relay information about your GenealogyWise group to them.) Best regards.




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